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Two Time Zones and no DST for the US?

Since 1883, the United States has followed a time system that involved 4 time zones. To top that off, consider the challenges that Daylight Savings Time (DST) poses. With gaining an hour of time for DST this evening, I thought I would do some investigation on what other ideas there were as to the structure of times zones.

As far as DST, I am against changing the clocks at all. Why mess with time? Not only do you lose an hour and a good nights sleep in the spring but, even thought a majority of the country changes clocks, there are a few rare cases (such as a few counties in Indiana and most of Arizona) that are except from the change. On the other hand regarding time zones, I feel that there are definite challenges having 4 different zones in one country.

Economist Allison Allison Schrager has argued that having the four time zones is not realistic. She promotes the idea of only two time zones and not following DST. With only two times zones, an article she has written supporting this change provides benefits such as – no jet lag when flying from one side of the country to the other and businesses would function better (there would be less of a time constraint).

I think because of the 4 time zones there is too much effort spend trying to accommodate all areas of the country. Personally, I work for a company that has business needs in multiple times zones. One example would be the Eastern Time Zone (EST) that is one hour ahead of our location. For what might be a normal beginning meeting time of 4 p.m. to workers in Central Standard time, is now a 5 p.m. meeting for a counterpart in Atlanta, GA and can hinder time with family, or make dinner times later. Additional examples would be when you think of broadcasting times and how television stations schedule to get the most people to watch an episode of a Primetime television show.

As for eliminating DST, I would argue that this would do away with the need to have the accuracy of auto programming devises for DST and also devices that are programmed by satellite that change would no long need the change would make for a more stable environment.

Just for the sake of argument, I have saved this blog as a draft and my plan is to post this blog at 2am, when the change tonight is supposed to occur to see how the internet timing is reflected.