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Invest In Yourself

Who doesn’t want to feel good? No matter what your age, race, gender, weight, healthy eating in combination with exercise will positively impact YOUR overall health. Yes, I said YOU. There are so many other weight loss products on the market right now that promise miraculous weight loss and boost in energy. The only promise they will fulfill is a dent in your bank account. The only proven way to look and feel better is through good old fashioned eating healthy in combination with exercise.


Think of eating healthy as an investment to your body. Eating out is not only expensive but can lead to poor food choices. The top 5 benefits of eating healthy according to Heathline.com highlight why committing to a healthy diet can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

1) Controls weight

2) Improves mood

3) Combats disease

4) Boots energy

5) Improves longevity

I get it, everyone has really busy schedules, but the gym doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. The top 5 benefits of exercise according to naturalbalancefoods.co.uk highlight why adding just 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 times per week can change your life.

1) Get a natural high

2) Sleep better

3) Look good

4) Get a healthier mind

5) Improve your health

Do all of these benefits sound like something you are interested in? There are obvious benefits to each action but you cannot be successful with one without the other. Imagine the endless possibilities that eating healthy in combination of exercise will bring to your life.

Lets Talk: Black Gold


Composting is a way to break down unused food and paper into a nutrient rich soil additive. It’s also known as black gold.

There are lots of reasons to compost;

  1. Composting turns what would have been added to a landfills into valuable nutrients.
  2. Composting builds soil; we lose roughly 3 tons each year.
  3. Creates healthy plants with diverse “life” in soil.
  4. Composte helps eliminate the need for chemicals because it helps feed plants like synthetic fertilizer does.
  5. Composting helps divert waste from landfills
  6. Composting saves money on garbage removal in both homes & businesses.
  7. Composting helps conserve water and maintain water retention
  8. Compost yields nutrient rich food, its found to have a higher nutritional content then food grown in industrial soil.
  9. Composting is simple enough to do at home or can be brought to a city based composting site.

The city of Saint Paul has developed a organics recycling program.

They will take:

  • All food scraps including vegetables, fruits, meats (including fats, oils and grease), poultry, fish, bones, grains, dairy, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags etc.
  • Non-recyclable paper including greasy pizza boxes, paper towels, tissues, wrapping paper, dirty paper bags, etc.
  • Compostable cups, plates, utensils, bags etc. Check that it has the “Compostable” logo from the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) on the item or packaging to ensure it is compostable.


You can even pick up free compostable bags at one of six yard waste sites and bring them back full of your unused or rotting food and paper. You can even bring your yard waste at the same time. Then pick up some of that black gold for your own garden.How could you not compost when there are so many benefits and it’s already set up by both Saint Paul & Minneapolis? Do yourself and the earth a favor and compost!