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My latest attempt at being healthy… foiled. Thanks Covid.

I don’t know about you, but I have had moments in my life where I went something like “Alright! Enough. Time to implement healthy habits into my life! Time to be awesome!” and you would go out to try to implement something healthy like a new hobby, habit or something. Well this blog is inspired by such moment that happened to me recently.

For the Runners out there…

I appreciate you. You are the pinnacle that I aspire towards, although I will not *run* after you to get there (get it? haha. sorry). Many people I know have become regular joggers, running at least several times a week to be healthy and the such. I have infact attempted something similar, but after running for 10 minutes, I realized that you get nowhere and everything hurts. So for those runners out there, I salute your efforts.

Last year I lived in Florida for a time and was able to get a bicycle to ride around. And I soon fell in love with biking. Not only do you exercise, but you actually get places too! I was able to go to parks that were miles away. Stores to get snacks and just go biking to clear my mind. Eventually I moved back to Minnesota, and have been planning to get a solid bike for myself here too.

A little look at how happy I was in Florida. I had a bike, a Uke, and the sunrise on the beach.

More reasons to have Coronavirus

I had a rise in inspiration and desire to start biking again, and in that spirit, I went bike shopping. Turns out, there is a massive bike shortage going on! See the link below detailing information on why and what is going on:


So as of today, I am bummed out. I WANT to start biking again, and I will probably resort to borrowing a bike like I did in Florida. But still, its sucks. Out of all the supply chain issues to be had, why did bikes have to be impacted too! For all those who did get a bike during the pandemic… good on you. For me, the wait continues.

The Bermuda Triangle

Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, the Bermuda Triangle is a body of water—you guessed it—in the shape of a triangle that stretches between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. It’s a 700,000 square kilometer stretch that’s been a region in which several planes and ships have mysteriously disappeared.

Finally an answer

For the longest time, no one could ever provide an answer—until now. Researchers at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom put the blame on rogue waves. These wave surges can rise to heights of 30m and last for only a few minutes. The triangle is the perfect meeting point for three different storm systems creating the rogue waves. Researchers recreated a model indoors with the USS Cyclops included—a ship that went missing in 1918 with 300 people on board. The recreation showed how quickly the ship could be overcome and the ability to snap in half by the force of the waves.

A 2-minute long YouTube video published by Discovery


Other theories included the idea that methane gas was trapped under the ocean floor that lowered the water density causing ships to suddenly sink to the appearance of hexagonal clouds capable of blowing high-speed winds which then create enormous waves.