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What Impact does Cattle have on Global Warming?

Photo by Matthias Zomer on Pexels.com

Climate change has been an ongoing debate for decades. While many see it is a real thing and experience the consequences of climate change directly. There are still many naysayers who believe there is no such thing as climate change.

In this article, Hannah who works on a dairy farm milking cattle, explains that while she understands that cattle play a huge part in the emissions of greenhouse gases. Most of the gas emissions globally come from food. The greatest concern is that greenhouse gas emissions from the cattle industry increased by 18% between 2005 and 2015, due to the increased demand for milk. Due to the world being overpopulated the need for milk and cattle has increased, but also Hannah sees that overtime climate patterns have made it harder for farmers to reach the demand. Hannah speaks about how while its obvious that climate change is happening, she feels that it is a natural part of life. Her family reflects on how just a few years ago they would wake up to frost, and their cherry blossom trees blooming in May. Now, they don’t experience frost in the morning, their cherry blossom trees bloom in April and the cattle experience more days than typical be uncomfortable due to the increased heat.

While Hannah is able to observe all these changes, and reflect on the impact it has on the cattle she serves daily. The farmer who Hannah works for is totally opposed to believing there is a such thing as global warming. He explains that there is no proven research that it is a real thing. Fortunately, there is many studies that have found global warming is a real thing. He explains that as a farmer he feels wrongly accused for simply trying to produce milk. They feel voiceless and weighed down because in order to keep up with the demand they are unable to conduct less intensive farming traditions.

Next Steps

I will speak for myself, but it obvious that global warming is happening. We are experiencing more wild fires, less precipitation, shorter winters, warmer summers, etc. We have to work together as a community to educate our cohorts in order for us to make an effective change to slow the impact global warming has on the world. This means working together to have more sustainable items, that are affordable and available to all. Rather than making it a luxury to have access to sustainability.

Someone Has Never Seen Google Timelapse

Believe Your Eyes

Many would agree that the debate regarding global climate change isn’t really much of a debate. Advances in technology allow us to bear witness to the changing face of our globe. Dan McGrath has  somehow managed to bury his head in the sand, despite the permafrost of the polar vortex that is holding steady in the United States. In a blog article for www.globalclimatescam.com, Dan points to one glacier (the Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica) as evidence against global climate change. His claim is that its melting rate has slowed in the past few years, and that it was not melting from human-induced climate shifts. He instead uses non-cited research from a British Antarctic survey to claim that the glacier was grinding on a marine shelf, allowing warm seawater inside the glacier, causing the prior melting that was recorded by the Brits.

Where Climate Change Deniers Go Wrong

The problem with the blog posts and rants of climate change deniers is that the majority of the evidence and broader scientific community doesn’t corroborate their position. Dan’s blog post is a perfect example in that it mentions research that it doesn’t cite. It does have a link to another website, but it isn’t a credible source and it does not mention the Pine Island Glacier at all.

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The Facts

Global climate change is happening. Many will acknowledge this shift, but they deny the fact that increased levels of CO2 are the root cause. Scientists first suspected that certain gases could create a ‘greenhouse effect’ over 150 years ago, according to the Scientific American. Since then, countless studies and a number of scientists have given merit to the claim that humans are having an increasing impact on the climate. Nasa’s website mentions that 97% of climate scientists agree that climate change is a result of human activity. The site also lists a number of scientific societies and includes quotes from them regarding their perspective on human-induced climate change.

The American Meteorological Society has also released a statement that  acknowledges the fact that the climate has always been changing, but attributes recent changes to human activity. It includes peer-reviewed research to back up its claims, and also proposes some predictions for the future of climate change. The weight of science and peer-reviewed research makes for a strong case, unlike the case presented by bloggers who rant without credible references. I believe in critical thinking and don’t take things at face value. That said, I do give creedence to peer-reviewed research and data. I also believe what I see in satellite imagery.