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Is social media the communication method of the future?


My goal for my third post is to discuss if social media is going to continue to be the communication method of the future. The third topic I would like to discuss is the future for social media and what that means for communication. My audience for this posting would be anyone who uses social media, students and teachers in this class, anyone in the communication field and anyone who uses social media for communication.

This week’s reading discusses communication for development. It says that ‘mobile phones have created opportunities that we never dreamt of and two-way communication is exploding all over the internet.’ Do you think that social media can assist in developing communication for the future?

I, myself am not so sure. I think it’s gotten to the point where communication has felt like it has become so impersonal. When people see their phone ringing for a phone conversation they will deny the call, then proceed to text that person, did you call in hopes of avoiding a phone conversation. I have personally noticed this at work with both myself and co workers. We rely so heavily on email, texting and other impersonal modes of communication that we do anything we can to avoid people coming into the office and phone conversations. My boss will kindly have to remind all of us that email is good to track infromation but there is definitely a time and place that a phone call or in person meeting is warranted and that we shouldn’t forget that.

In addition, with technology continuing to advance, it’s increasing the unique ways we can communicate with one another. For companies, according to getvoip.com, this includes but not limited to live chat or video call option with staff on websites, opt-in text messaging notifications, mobile friendly account access, 24 hour customer service, social media personality. I have used the live chat option on clothing websites and am a huge fan. I feel that it get’s the information I need quicker and makes me feel taken care of.

It’s unsure of social media will continue to be the communication method of the future but I think from the way things have been going there is a strong chance that it will continue on that path.

FIFA World, huh?

I grew up in Minnesota, the state of hockey. So like every good Minnesotan child should, I started playing the sport almost as soon as I could walk, and I absolutely loved it. Gliding across a pond like butter on a skillet, filling you lungs with the cold, crisp air of winter, violently taking an elbow to the throat… There’s nothing quite like it. In all seriousness though, it was my one true passion as a kid.

Be that as it may, my best friend is a huge soccer fan. Every four years, I have to sit through the pain of listening about the FIFA World Cup. This might be shocking, but I know nothing about the joys of running down a grassy field, and getting pelted in the face by a 67 mph soccer ball. The sport I played had a face mask, and I wore some pretty elaborate safety gear into battle. Besides all of this, who wants to sit there for two hours watching people run back, and forth down a field?

Apparently, everybody.

Turns out the FIFA World Cup is the most widely viewed sporting event in the world. The 2010 World Cup Tournament held in South Africa reached 204 countries. At a variety of public viewing events around the globe, nearly six million people gather together to take in this insane experience.

Okay, so I was wrong. But what could anyone honestly find interesting about this stuff?

Well after some research I found out a little more about the sport of soccer, and the history of the FIFA World Cup. FIFA stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association. Founded in 1904, FIFA headquarters is based out of Zurich, Switzerland, and has 209 members. The first World Cup was held in 1930, and has been drawing in fans ever since. Thirty-two teams participate in the World Cup Tournament itself, with nearly 46 percent of the world’s population watching.

Although it would be easy to say that the World Cup is just another excuse for wild fans to drink beer and scream at people, the organization itself is on a pretty impressive mission. Their primary goal is to promote and improve the game of [soccer], while unifying, educating, and instilling cultural and humanitarian values through youth [soccer] programs.

I may not have been the biggest fan of the game of soccer, but I can participate in celebrating the efforts of those at the 2014 Brazil World Cup now because I have learned about the power of their reach, and the positive impact they are trying to instill in the world.