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Burning Knowledge (literally)

What would you do, if suddenly all the information on the internet disappeared? All servers and the ability to access information stored on the internet just… vanished? Burned up? I want to share an article about an event that although not similar in scale, was a huge loss to humanity, the burning of the Library of Alexandria.


What if?

The library itself, as the article states, had over 100 scholar actively living there and working on transcribing scrolls and knowledge found all over the Mediterranean world. And at a point it time… it vanished. The article goes on to talk about who to blame in the burning of the library, a subject which I am not going into.

However, this did prompt me to think about how knowledge today can just as easily disappear. Not with a physical fire, but a digital one. So much correspondents, data, articles and the such exist primarily on internet servers, something fragile at best. What would happened to a world in which all the knowledge we have uploaded also was to disappear? Or how different would our current reality be if the library and all the thousands of scrolls of information survived to today?

Hanging in the Gallows

One of the most fascinating things to me is the Death Penalty, (Capital Punishment). The history off it, how it happens today, the different opinions on it, it is all is so interesting.

A lot of people call it lethal injection, but that is not the only method that is still legal. The different laws that exist in the states that still have the death penalty vary quite a bit. How they all differ so widely is very intriguing.


Many states have outlawed capital punishment, but there are currently 29 states that still have the death penalty, 21 that have outlawed it, and 4 that are controlled by the governor (Gubernatorial Moratoria). The link below shows which-ones-are-which on a map and lists them as well. https://deathpenaltyinfo.org/states-and-without-death-penalty

Most of the states that still use capital punishment use lethal injection as the primary method of execution. However here is a list of the states and what other methods might be used. Such as: hanging, electrocution, firing squad, etc. Read about those specifics here https://deathpenaltyinfo.org/methods-execution

While it is true that in most states you can only get the death penalty for murder, that is not the case for all… linked below is a fascinating list by state, of crimes punishable by the death penalty. https://deathpenaltyinfo.org/crimes-punishable-death-penalty#BJS

Though the death penalty is still frowned upon by many, you have to admit we’ve come a long way. Just take a look at this list for example, the older years like 1600s, 1700s: https://deathpenaltyinfo.org/documents/ESPYyear.pdf Getting hung or burned alive for theft, witchcraft, adultery, or “horse stealing” seems unimaginable to us now. All I have to say is I think many people would be grateful to not be living back then.

I hope after reading this you learned something new, something shocking, fascinating, or maybe disheartening. My goal was not to make you feel uneasy, like I said earlier I find information on this topic incredibly interesting. I think it is a topic that is important to be aware of, educated on, and not swept under the rug. I would love to know any patterns you saw or found in the links I attached or ones you stumbled upon browsing the website. I couldn’t help but find myself trying to make connections between things happening – and region, race, time period, state and more. Let me know in the comments! Also what is your opinion on capitol punishment?