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Parker Reynolds Blog Post #1


Texting while behind the wheel is becoming more threatening each day, the statistics are rising and it shows that multi-tasking is happening too often when people are driving. The rate that technology is going at right now makes it seem almost inevitable for distracted drivers. The technology will eventually be much more complicated making it much easier for drivers to be distracted and not fully engaged. In order for this problem to recognized parents need to do a better job at listing the dangers that can come from distracted driving. An easy way for parents to teach their children these safe alternatives means teaching the students before they are able to drive on their own.

Parents should start to discuss any directions being mentioned before entering the car, any music being chosen before entering (make a playlist). Also for new drivers allowing other friends to ride along with in the first couple of months. Between all the distractions a phone can bring to a new driver, acknowledging them and pushing them away for beginner drivers teaches them in the long-run about engaged driving.  As stated in the article highschool students who were more likely to check their phone during a certain time period are more likely to not use their seatbelts, yet also get in a car with someone who is distracted as well.

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