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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Judging people is a natural human to instinct, originally existing for safety. However, when you judge someone by what they look like, or a façade they have on the outside, it can greatly impair your view on what they are actually like as a person. A person who looks disheveled and not put together shopping at the grocery store, may very well be a millionaire. Someone who looks nerdy or smart because they wear glasses and a button up shirt could very well be the dumbest person you’ve ever met. Someone who has a great smile and looks like the most inviting, easy-going person, could be extremely rude and talk crap about you behind your back. Someone who may look superficial and not academic, could be the most educated person in the room. Be careful what you think of others based on what they look like. It may leave you seeming shallow, rude, or just plain ignorant for being so off base.


This article is very important because it is a wake up call to start looking deeper into your own first impression beliefs. We usually think of people in extremes, judge based off of bias, when we do not actually know the person or their story. Think about how you have had certain folks in your life for years, and they still manage to surprise you. So how can you in the right mind think you know someone you’ve only had very limited interactions with?

Judging or making assumptions is dangerous because if you are wrong, you can be offensive, hurtful, or give the wrong impression about your own personality.

It’s not what you look at that matters.
It’s what you see.

Henry David Thoreau

I think this quote fits for this blog because like I said earlier, how you perceive someone is entirely up to your own bias, past experiences, and stereotypes. Sometimes it is not specifically even the person you are judging, but what they are wearing or how they groom themselves, or how they talk, maybe even the music they are listening to.

Stop yourself. When you feel those judgments bubbling up in your brain, about someone you hardly know, just stop. You may think well easier said then done, but it is quite easy actually, just tell your brain to think about something else, or to keep on open mind and quiet the judgements. It will make your life more peaceful, give off better vibes and energy to those around you, and help you make new and great relationships.