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Connected Communities and Visibility – Blog 3

Connected Communities and visibility

I will present two blogs that I have been following for more than a month.
They are https://blog.sleepnumber.com/ and
The Sleep Number Blog stated that it was the Official Founding Partner for the Super bowl NFL season and dedicated last week’s articles to how athletes need a restful sleep and what kind of sleep number settings helped them achieve maximum rest. They also communicated their Sleep Number Station with full-on activation at Nicollet Mall and engaged the public who came to visit and sleep on their Sleep Number Setting beds.

In their other articles, they touch upon various aspects of life that deeply relates to have a sound sleep. It can be as simple as a bedtime routine, to cutting out caffeine, to eating the right kind of food, to decorating your bedroom to make it look comforting. Or it can be as complex as Sleep program accreditations and assessments which are scientifically proven. The blog does a thorough job of investigating all aspects of Sleep as a Science, an Art, and a biological rhythm of everyday living.

The blog subtly promotes the Sleep Number beds but not in an overtly in your face marketing campaign. It talks convincingly about the Sleep Number bed and how it can help you stay healthy through life’s ups and downs. I like to read this blog because they have a Book Club and showcase interesting books to read. This scores maximum brownie points for me along with other well-written articles.

The Minnesota Reading and Math Corps Blog

The second blog that I loved is the Minnesota Math and Reading Corps blog.
It is a simple blog with no fashionable art or sophistication. It speaks out to me, because serving in Reading Corps for four years was significant milestone in my life. It also salutes those who have served and currently serving. It is a blog of service to young children and how each member has his/her own story of triumph.
(https://blog.mnreadingandmathcorps.org/2016/05/learning-and-growing-together.html?view=snapshot) That is me and my 2 minutes of Reading Corps glory.

This blog places it’s focus entirely on the Tutors without any distraction or deviation.
You may ask why is this so? It is because the Tutors are the ambassadors of the Program. The Program has its independent website which has all details of the application process to become a Tutor and the works. The blog is completely dedicated to the individuals who bring the program to life. These tutors come from diverse backgrounds, but with one mission: To make a difference in the lives of children. The blog does an excellent job of delivering it in a direct and powerful manner.

In my analysis of the two blogs, I think they are creative hubs or online stations where the brand experience is communicated in a singular strategy. The Sleep Number Blog talks about the multifaceted phenomenon of “Sleep” and the Minnesota Reading Corps Blog talks about “Tutoring as a lifetime experience”.

The blog is available to a global community and I can reap the benefits of learning more about sleep patterns or the joys of being a tutor simultaneously. It is incredible how blogs are changing the way we experience life through the eyes of other’s who are sharing their experience and information.