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That’s due…now?!?!

“I thought you were doing homework mom?” I drop the rag in the sink, wash my hands and turn to give dinner on the stove a quick stir as I ask, “Can I help you with something?” my tween rolls her eyes, puts one hand on her hip and wags her finger in my face, “No mom, I need to help YOU, my homework is done, is yours?”

I wish this was a one-time thing. I still keep procrastinating with valuable things like laundry(Who doesn’t like clean clothes?) I’ve been told this work, life, school balance thing is important but what about when it’s all coming at you at once?

Deep Breath.

Check the calendar.

Jenny Rush on the blog LearnHowtoBecome.org recommends writing things down. She keeps a household calendar, a personal planner, and an online work calendar. She recommends getting everything written out on Sunday before the week starts.

Having assignment due dates, lectures and meetings, and even study sessions blocked out between laundry, and work emails can make all the responsibilities of the day blend and even work together seamlessly.

Then it is down to making the schedule your priority. Yes I have a teenage son, yes he is always hungry, yes he can make himself food. I repeat this to myself over and over. Remember the plan, follow the schedule, and nothing will be late…now where did my planner go?