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Obesity is Contagious?/ BLOG 3

Throughout the world, beauty is defined in numerous ways. In some countries, being heavier is considered healthy and beautiful. But, as we all can tell, in most culture and/or countries, the standard for what is beautiful, sexy, and attractive leans more towards being thin. Because of social media, women in particular are proceeding that in order to be attractive, you need to be a certain size, weight, or have a specific body shape (coco cola, etc.) Even though weight gain is no longer looked down upon, hence the weight gain for body building; there are still cases of obesity and how contagious it is. In the article http://www.newsweek.com/weight-gain-contagious-and-you-could-catch-obesity-your-neighbors-study-finds-789547, researchers found that people were up to 57% likely to be obese if a friend or family did the same during that time. Because of the environment you live in and those you surround yourself with, it would more than likely affect your consumption intake.

Also, you should consider yourself. Just think, when you were in a relationship, did you and your significant other eat out a lot? Consider this, when you were together, you just wanted to do everything together, and when you ran out of things to do, eating out was fun (in it’s own way.) In the article, https://www.livestrong.com/article/130602-people-gain-weight-after-marriage/, it talks about couples who gained weight after marriage (in my argument, you can gain it even while dating.) This correlates with obesity being contagious and how much easier it is to gain weight because of those around you and their influence. Because of weight gain, health conditions can slowly draw it’s way into your life and slowly build up on your insecurities, leading back to what the world/society considers as the standard of what is attractive.

No P.E. today!

No P.E. Today!

It’s fall and time for students and children to go back to school. Parents are rushing to Target, Wal-Mart and Office-Depot for school supplies, new back packs and when I went to school even a brand new pair of Nike’s for Mr. Gusty’s gym class. Today though many students don’t need gym shoes or even have a P.E. teacher at their school. Schools are being under budgeted and the first thing many schools nixed was the physical education. Which is incredibly ridiculous. According to the Center Of Disease Controls obesity in children “has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years.” These facts are alarming; schools need to be implementing some type of movement activity into their children’s school routine. Eight hours of basically sitting and a lunch that is usually high in complex carbs is not conducive to a growing child. I recognize that schools are under budgeted but there are plenty of ways to implement moving into a child’s school curriculum, even if it’s just a half hour. Michelle Obama was one of the first individuals to take action on child hood obesity. She created a campaign called let’s move. In a particular section of this movement, Michelle has included schools in which the movement helps schools and teachers understand how important it is to have physical activities for children. According to Letsmove.gov, “Let’s Move! Active Schools is a comprehensive program that empowers school champions – P.E. teachers, classroom teachers, principals, administrators, and parents – to create active environments that enable all students to get moving and reach their full potential.”  Children should not be missing out on physical activities, even if its just recess. Adolescents need physical activity to keep their minds focused and potentially impact their behavior if their antsy and energetic it provides an outlet to be free and just move. Taking away P.E., recesses, and physical activity from our nations education system will certainly not help the alarming childhood obesity rates that are continue to rise.

I do wonder, I’m not a parent, but what would you do or think about P.E. being eliminated from your child’s school?