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Death Pranks? No thanks!

Imagine this:

You live with a loved one (family member(s), spouse, friend, etc.). You open the doors and go inside the house… There is “blood” everywhere, the house is a mess. Everything is everywhere. Every cabinet looks like it was trashed into. The place is just a complete mess.

You don’t know what’s going on. You’re freaking out but also trying to keep calm in case there’s an intruder in the house, so you’re scouting around the place–looking for your person, let’s say your partner. Calling and calling for their name and no one’s responding, but there are blood prints all over the place and really, you’re just thinking for the worst right now.

You go in your master bedroom’s bathroom. There.

Your partner in the bathtub. but that wasn’t it. It is a pool of blood. You run up to your partner checking to see if they’re alive, but there’s no response and you’re absolutely terrified and devastated. Your heart is broken, you are angry, you are absolutely mad, you feel defeated, you want to find out what the h**l happened!

All the while, only to find it was a prank. Your partner starts laughing as you’re tugging onto their cold-watered-body. You’re confused as to how they’re alive?

In this video (below) by a Youtuber family, “The Prince Family”, that is exactly what the wife pranked to her husband. It’s a 22-minute video entailing what was just told earlier in the blog.

To prank someone is to pull a trick on someone. However, I think in this prank, the woman took it too far. Death, home invasion, murders, killing shouldn’t be joked around in this way. The Youtuber family probably creates entertainment videos for a living, but the content should be more considerate to those whose experienced that kind of tragedy and way more appropriate.

“It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.”

Amanda June Bill & Jason Iannone

Some pranks actually lead to the deaths of these jokesters. The victim’s response may be different from what the pranksters may have expected, and either the prankster or the victim dies as a result. It is absolutely shameful and childish to make jokes out of deaths. There are people dying everyday and those people also have people who loves and cares for them. What makes it OK to be making jokes of people being murdered? or kidnapped? or injured? Nothing makes it OK at all!

In that Youtube prank, Bianca (the wife) started the prank by calling her husband and pretending as if she was held hostage. If the husband didn’t rush his friend and father to stop by the house, he would’ve called the cops to do a welfare check. Now, if the husband did call the cops, it would have been a complete waste of service because nothing even happened!

Youtubers in this particular aspect should continue to make entertaining videos for their viewers, but they should be more appropriate. I am sure with their creative minds, they would be able to create such better content.

-KCY, 03