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CDC Director and Big Tobacco?

We all know the ill health effects of tobacco. Ad campaigns have drilled images of dead bodies, grandfathers you can walk through and people that have been so severely effected, they now have to communicate from a stoma in their neck.

Ok. So we know tobacco is bad. Really bad.

The government has hiked cigarette prices so high, now when I see people picking up used butts, as grossed out as I may be, I kinda get it. How can you even afford to smoke these days? Well, I guess I spend about as much on my Starbucks, so I can’t be too judgmental.

My point is: IT’S EXPENSIVE! I’ve assumed it’s our government doing its best to deter tobacco sales and promote healthier lifestyles, resulting in lower healthcare costs, etc. All until I saw the resignation of Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald.

ICYMI: According to the NY TIMES Dr. Fitzgerald had been invested in big tobacco companies, one being Philip Morris International.

So what’s the big deal? A doctor investing in tobacco? It doesn’t seem like all that ethical of a thing, but we all know it’s a huge profit company… the big deal is she was the DIRECTOR of the CDC! Center for Disease Control, you know the part of the government who are trying to get people to STOP smoking.

Of course, there are two sides to every story, but when she also had stocks in Japan Tobacco, the drug-maker Merck, and Humana, the health insurer. One can’t help but draw their own conclusion of unethical practice by a government leader.