Blog Post 3 – Contributing to critical public discourse: the analytic post

Dr. Dena Goffman, chief of obstetrics at Columbia University Medical Center stated that there should be no visitor during the time of birth and that means you must give birth alone with strangers (nurses and doctor). A health care system in New York city has made this choice to help fight against CVOID-19. Goffman stated his reasoning for this as some women have encounter the condition of CVOID-19 and later on tested positive. Goffman ideas to help family member stay a part of birthing time is virtually through a phone or tablet.

My take on this article:

I find this to be ridiculous! How can you expect a women to go into labor and let alone give birth by herself and strangers (Nurses and doctor). I can understand the whole reason why Goffman stand strong with this regulation of no visitor including your partner during birth time but this is just too much. Giving birth alone is scary, can you image having to do it alone? It must be a night mare. Goffman should at least allow one person in the room for the comfort of the mother to be. Make sure the additional person is in good health and allow him or her in the room so labor can run better for the mother. I cannot speak for anyone but myself. During this Pandemic time I gave birth to a beautiful little angel, but before that rumor was going on that I would not be able to have anyone in the room with me and that means my husband too. I freak out about this as this is my first time. It caused me to have anxiety as I feel I was going to fail at giving birth. I did not want to go through this alone and especially when it’s my first child. I had so many thoughts going through my head. I immediately called my doctor and ask if my hospital allow any one and luckily they did allow at least 1 person. I was glad my husband was able to be in the room with me and witness the beautiful moment our princess came into the world. I was able my daughter was able to be hold by her dad so she can create that bond with him. As you can see, women go through a lot during the 9 months of pregnancy, they deserve to be able to give birth with some kind of peace. It’s hard to say this but only mothers would understand why it is so important to have a supporting member during birth time. Goffman should reconsidered his restriction!


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