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Social Media Addiction

World stream advertising states that “76% of Facebook users visited the site daily during 2016, with over 1.6 billion daily visitors, compared to 70% of daily usage in 2015. (Check out 75 fascinating stats about Facebook here.)”. So social media is thriving, but where should the line be drawn for social media addiction? We should each take the time to check our usage. Be accountable for social interaction virtual or otherwise and call out those who are using social media in excess.

32-Stats-That-Should-Guide-Your-Social-Media-Marketing-Strategy-in-2017-1I think that social media can make us anti social, we can be together but are interacting more with our phones than each other. So how can we address the addiction to mobile devices and social media?

We can start by being aware! If you notice that you are looking at your phone while someone is talking to you, think about if you are actually listening to what they are saying? Be mindful of the amount of time and attention you are giving to social media and the purpose of it.

Each social site has its own function, and can be used uniquely by each of us. I love using LinkedIn to grow my professional network, I have my current position because of it. I like activities I find on Pinterest, decorating ideas and I even have a bucket list. I also use Pinterest as a portfolio. Instagram for posting fun pictures. I never was much for Twitter.

Everyone is using social media in their own way, it could be for news, to connect to family, for business and more. But when should we consider it excessive? Is there a magic number of hours a day? If you watched 50 YouTube Videos today, are we going to send you to YouTuber’s Anonymous? Probably not but you should work on limiting your use, ask yourself is this productive?

You may not notice you have a problem; but might be surprised if you asked others for honest feedback about your usage. What about mobile? Your phone for all purposes, is it glued to you? Do you feel sick when it dies? How many hours a day are you using your phone in some way?

Monitoring your own use can cause you to notice the over usage in others, including children. We should begin making these changes now. More and more places offer Wi-Fi and cell phone coverage has made it hard to be off the grid. We need to make living in the moment a priority.

Technology can also help us take a break sometimes. Xfinity xFi allows customers to pause connection to their home Wi-Fi. It seems like a great idea. I know that I have trouble disconnecting sometimes. I think about the generations that have come after me that don’t know life without the internet or social media. Let’s work on the problem now and not set them up for failure.

So again remember that we should each take the time to check our usage. Be accountable for social interaction virtual or otherwise and call out those who are using social media in excess.

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So much unwanted advice

In the day and age of social media, things like blogs, web pages, Pinterest and Facebook are all peppered with things you should or should not do to raise a child. To spank or not to spank, homeschool, public or private school, are you a creative lunch maker or just a boring sandwich pusher, do you teach them things or let them figure things out on their own, and I could go on and on!

I admit, when I have an issue with my child, I first go to family and friends for advice. But, if I don’t find an answer that seems to fit my situation, I know I can¬†turn to the world wide web. There are many professional child psychologists, pediatricians, nannies, childcare workers and¬†moms that provide sound and calming solutions.¬†It amazes me the wisdom you can glean from these sites. However, when articles pop-up on Pinterest urging you to read it or¬†someone rants¬†on a¬†Facebook post about how they saw a mom doing or¬†not doing something, this¬†barges in on me like a neon sign and tends to irk me more than entice me. Why? Because advice for children is not one-size-fits-all. What my child needs to curb a certain behavior may not work for your child and vice-versa. The fact that a lot of these posts insinuate you are a bad parent if you AREN’T practicing their latest finding is downright maddening.

There is pressure for our kids to be the best soccer player, the smartest student in school, the highest jumper, the most advanced in technology and the healthiest of eaters. I miss the days when it was okay for kids to try out a sport and see if they liked it before signing their summer away to be on the team. There is pressure from every angle, even from ourselves, to raise a kid that will overachieve as opposed to just succeed in this world.

Just don’t read the articles!

If only it were easy NOT to notice the articles.¬†¬†However, because these articles pop up on Facebook, Pinterest,¬†or as¬†a header on a website you are shopping on, it is difficult to ignore the taunts. “What IF I’m doing something wrong?” If you suffer from anxiety or depression these articles can deepen your feelings of inadequacy and make you question everything you are doing or not doing for your child. The internet can be a great tool, a way to connect people with the latest information, but it can also be a dangerous web¬†luring you in to “keep up with the Jones’s.” I think it is okay if you want to post what has worked for your child, but it would be great if you didn’t claim this to be the fix of all fixes and look down your nose to people who don’t share your ideals. I’m grateful that you had the luck to find that magic ticket in your family’s life, I might just try it on my child as well. But if it doesn’t work, or if I find that it isn’t in his best interest, then I will file your idea in my “things that didn’t work” file and move on. Don’t judge, don’t talk behind my back, don’t push your convictions on my family and give people a break for choosing their own path.


I do my¬†best each day to try to be secure in who I am, what I’m doing and embracing the love and comfort of my family. If the¬†internet is going to keep throwing out¬†pop-up shaming and unsolicited advice, what I may have to re-think is the amount of time I spend on social media.

Is There a Plus to Joining Google+ ?

Google Plus

Google’s answer to Facebook, Google+, is a little more than three years old.¬† It has many similarities to Facebook, but also some unique features that really make it stand out. Since it’s so awesome, it’s certainly got to be worth your time to join, right?

Well, it depends. Who are you and what are you looking to accomplish? It’s best to look at this from two different angles to see what you might gain.

First, take a look at Google plus from the perspective of a business owner. According to Alison Zeringue of Search Influence, there are many benefits for businesses to be on Google+. First, it integrates with G mail and YouTube, making it easier to steer potential customers from one site to the next. Next, Google+ helps with search engine optimization in general, connecting “Google-rs” to your Google+ profile. Also, it allows you to record video chats in “Hangouts”, which could be used for marketing purposes and for supplying content to attract visitors to your site.

On the other hand, imagine the perspective of joining a new network purely for social or recreational purposes. Google+ has the ability to store and sort your photos, it can even recognize photos to automatically tag them. You can put your contacts into “circles” , so you can choose to connect with “relatives” “coworkers”, “classmates” or how ever you chose to set up your personal circles. However, Google+ has significantly less users than Facebook. Of those that have memberships, there is a high number who are not very active, some not even knowing they have a profile, as one gets set up with every G mail account automatically.¬† Personally, I created an account for research purposes and found very few people I know while trying to set up contacts. I did, however, find several physicians and a handful of administrators from the healthcare organization in which I work.

Time Magazine’s Harry McCracken calls Google+ a “beautiful disappointment”.

My personal conclusion on this is that I will recommend to my husband, a small business owner, that he get his Google+ set up right away to draw attention to his business. For my own social use, however I think of it this way: Just like California seems like a warm, wonderful and exciting place to live, I continue to live in Minnesota because that’s where my friends and family are. My friends and family are on Facebook, so for now, I’ll stay there too.

Classmates, what do you think of Google+?



Fortune 7 Billion: How Much Value Is In Your Personal Entity?

Survival of the Fittest ‚Äď Separating Yourself from the Pack:

Competition is fierce and times are changing faster than ever. With the amount of opportunities that are made available to us all, how do you plan to take advantage of those opportunities presented to you?

The Importance of Building and Developing Your Own Company:

Building and developing your personal corporation adds tremendous value in your personal and professional endeavors, allowing you to further leverage your skills and experiences to capitalize on opportunities that would have been absent and hard to find otherwise.

As a young entrepreneur who is looking to establish him or herself in there respected industry, it is a must you start immediately on this life-long project, by focusing on tasks that propel your career tenfold.


Self-Education is the key to achieving success. Although we all are trying to find time to do more of the things we enjoy in life, carefully putting together a learning plan that allows you to take small incremental steps towards getting better is key to our success.

My Personal Learning Plan:

My personal learning plan consists of the following: read 1 book every month and schedule a meeting with at least one mentor per month. As you can see my personal learning plan is not complex at all, but it allows me to continue to grow and reach higher levels.

I find the most value in choosing a piece of literature that meets an area you would like to become more knowledgeable in such as marketing, branding, sales, writing, etc.


I also suggest building relationships with well-established professionals who may serve as a mentor to you to provide you with personal feedback and insight on their personal experiences.

Here is an article that further supports mentorship and why it is important to your success.

Marketing and Branding:

How you handle yourself on social media is another aspect that we all need to think about. Often times, people on social media are too careless and are unaware of the consequences their online activities may be causing. This is also a huge part of adding value to your personal entity, as it may be the first and only things people see prior to meeting you.

Sustaining Creativity and Self Promotion

I recently was reading about online self-promotion.  Of course, there are varied perspectives about this.  What should we share online? How much is too much?

5-3-2 Rule of Social Sharing


An article in The Next Web introduces several formulas¬†for social sharing and I found these fairly interesting. ¬†From what ¬†I have observed, it does seem that sharing content from others is highly effective. The most appealing and sensible perspective was presented by author Austin Kleon. His book Show Your Work is “a book about self-promotion for people who hate self-promotion. And he emphasizes that self-promotion is a logical and natural¬†means to building a network.

Show Your Work! Book Trailer from Austin Kleon on Vimeo.

I love the concepts at work here:

The so what test


Too Much Self-Promotion? 

Invisibles_150-198x300 (1)An interesting counter to¬†Kleon’s might be David Zweig’s book Invisibles.¬†¬†Zweig¬†asserts that invisible people can be the most successful, and that we can learn a lot from look at the folks behind-the-scenes. ¬†Or, that we can implode through too much focus on self-promotion.

While I agree that we live in an age of rampant self-promotion, can we afford not to self-promote?  I also think it is possible to maintain some humility and integrity while self promoting.


Social Media in the sneaker world.

I’m a sneakerhead. Some of you may have noticed, some of you may not have. It’s an expensive world to be in, but a passion. Social media is a big deal when it comes to shoes. To be very honest with you, I can’t go a day without some sort of interaction with my sneaker updates. With this being said, the world that I am involved in has changed throughout the years, due to the rise of social media usage. One thing that Facebook has really brought up are sneaker groups, where people have access to sales/trades of shoes. Social networking leads to actual networking, therefore creating relationships. This is an important aspect of the sneaker world because of the change in the sneaker game. You can’t get a pair of Air Jordans these days without putting in work to secure yourself a pair!

One group in particular is¬†MSX¬†or Midwest Sneaker Xchange, which is a large sneaker exchange group, with many members (including myself) primarily from the Midwest region of the United States. They’ve held 5 different events, helping people meet up and exchange/sell sneakers, meet people and create relationships. Take a look below at one of the recaps from one of the shows they had. This is a show I actually went to in Milwaukee, WI back in February, and I can say that it was awesome!

Midwest Sneaker Xchange February 15th, 2014 Show

Like I said above, you need to put in some sort of work in order to even secure a pair of sneakers for yourself. Welcome the RSVP service for retail Nike Stores, via direct messages on Twitter! To be perfectly honest with you, I never thought i’d need a Twitter account. For this sole (no pun intended) reason, I HAD to get one. Whenever a very hyped pair of shoes are going to be released, Nike usually has an RSVP service, in which your local Nike Store has to receive an RSVP from you on Twitter. Once they tweet a picture of a hashtag, you need to respond to them by sending a direct message to them with the hashtag circled in the picture, your name and size. IF they received your message, they will confirm that you have a spot in line and they will hold the shoes for you on release day. CLICK HERE¬†for a full explanation on Nike’s website for RSVP instructions. This past weekend, I won my first ever spot in line, as you can see below. These spots aren’t easy to win (as you can see my other RSVP attempts weren’t responded to) because you have thousands of others trying to do the same thing as you! You can say I got lucky.¬†


These are just a few things that happens in the sneaker world on social media. There are many notable online blogs that follow releases and news, such as NiceKicks, Kicksonfire, & Sneakernews. Obviously there are more, but those three are my favorite. Also, there are online raffles where you can buy tickets to try and win shoes, Instagram image reposts to try to win sneakers, sneaker promotion through instagram, etc. The new ways of networking and promotion are endless with this world! Beforehand, you could walk into a footlocker and buy a pair no problem. These days, you need special resources to be able to buy a pair! These social media platforms have taken over and will continue to rule this world if you ask me. Many people haven’t been exposed to these types of things and wouldn’t even think it existed! It is truly a powerhouse in the social media world and will definitely be like this for a long time.¬†

A Mother Against Social Media

In today’s world it is important to keep children in touch with technology. Just this year, my niece and nephew brought home iPads and are expected to read and do homework on a daily basis from a screen rather than a book. They even have assignments where they have to research on the internet work on interactive calendars and assignments. These assignments are made possible because of the enhancement of the internet to Web 2.0 and introduce the interaction and collaboration that also enhance social media.

In a post where a mother feels that Facebook is overtaking her daughter’s life and that she has lost all of her friends.  Does she know what her child does while at school and how much they interact there? How about being on Facebook and talking to her friends through chat or messaging? Just because they are not together does not mean that she does not have friends or is not conversing with them on their Facebook walls?

Social Media can positively impact a child’s mental growth. Research by Pediatrics and an article, point out that there are benefits such as collaborating on projects, staying connected with others, and contributing to charity work that is done by children and teenagers that use social media.

I understand that some mothers feel that their children spend far too much time on social media such as Facebook or Twitter but when the World Wide Web introduced version 2.0, it expanded the market to include far more interaction between users of any age.  Instead of placing blame that Facebook is ruining a childs life, embrace the fact that this is part of a childs development in today’s world. With email, blogs, Facebook, and all of the other types of online communication possible, children should be able to participate. I am not saying that it needs to overtake their lives or that children should be vulnerable to information that is not age appropriate, but it is enviable that children will need to use social media. There is even a show on television show on the Disney network, entitled Dog with a Blog, where a family dog writes daily about family values in his own blog following each episode. Not all social media is bad and because someone uses social media it does not mean that their lives are ruined. Instead, if this mother could understand the benefits it might enlighten her …. Ironically, this mother turned to the web to post her concerns, why shouldn’t her own daughter?

Why is Everybody Worried About Their Privacy When They’re All on Facebook?

So, I admit it… I am not on Facebook. I have no desire to be on Facebook, and I am aware that I may be missing out on a ton of cool things, but I just can’t do it. That’s just the way it is.

I am one of only about a handful of people that I know that doesn’t have a Facebook account. Anytime I meet another person who is in my same position, there is usually a high five, a head nod, or we both immediately shout out an excited list of reasons why we choose not to be on Facebook. It’s a special bond, like we’re part of our own network that will probably not hear from each other again for several months… or ever. ¬†

Now don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Facebook or people who are on it. It has done amazing things for our world. It has connected millions of people across the globe in a way that was not possible before. Its easier to stay in touch with old friends or relatives. Musicians have used it as a way to collaborate with other artist or reach out to a larger fan-base. ¬†It has been used as a tool to organize the masses and spread social awareness of many issues. Businesses and non-profit organizations are able to connect with their audiences and listen to what they are asking for. Facebook really is amazing. So why am I resisting it so much?

Well, the short answer that I give people is… privacy. ¬†I don’t like Facebook because I feel like people expose too much of their lives on it. I know it all depends on how you use social media of any kind, but think about what the average person has on their Facebook page. How well can you get to know someone by their Facebook page?

Look at your Facebook page, do you have any of these on them?

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your relationship status
  • Where you live
  • Where you went/go to school
  • Where you work
  • Pictures of yourself, friends, or family
  • Pictures of your last vacation
  • Pictures of yourself at a party (maybe a little tipsy)
  • Conversations with other people who are also on Facebook
  • Your phone number ( I know it seems crazy but some people do)

I know that posting any of these things onto Facebook is optional. But if you don’t post pictures or have conversations, what fun is it? ¬†And YES, I know that you can set privacy settings so your grandma doesn’t see the pictures of you at Mardi Gras from last year, but I am still amazed that so many people are willing to put so much of their life online. Even if a person “doesn’t have anything to hide”, does that mean that you need to expose yourself like this?Image

Again, I have nothing against Facebook or its users. Most of the people I know are on it and are constantly trying to convince me to get on it. As of June 2013, Facebook claims to have 1.15 billion users, so it must be pretty cool. But for me, especially during a time where the NSA has become a household name and our government is being accused of spying on its own people and people from around the world, I still think I rather not have one.

For more information on Facebook privacy and general privacy on the web, check out these links…