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Hey! (Introductory Post)

Hey everyone, My name is Quinton. This is extremely new for me. I’ve never heard of or used WordPress. If I had ran across it before I don’t remember. I’m always up for new challenges. Its a plus that this allows for website creation because I want to use something like this in the future for personal reasons. I’d originally only known about Wix.com. Interesting!

Healthy Eating for the Holidays

One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is eat. This is the time of year where I put on a couple of “winter pounds”. Starting on Thanksgiving leading to New Year’s there is an over indulgence of fatty foods and deserts. I myself look forward to my wife making her mac n cheese, stuffing and various desserts. While these foods are delicious, they aren’t the best options to eat. At least if you choose to these options modify the way you prepared them. In order to feel energetic and healthy you have to watch you put in your body. There is a reason after that big plate of food during the holidays your ready for a nap.


I would like to share with you some healthier ways to eat during the holiday season. One of my favorite tips is to use low-fat ingredients. This will shave some calories off those fatty foods. You will feel a little less guilty, when you eat that slice of cake. You can also roast or grill your food for fewer calories. This is a much healthier option than deep frying. Another thing to consider is the kind of alcoholic beverages you drink. Around the holidays there is usually an increase in alcohol consumption. Eggnog and other holiday alcoholic beverages have high levels of sugar and calories. If your going to drink alcohol do it in moderation and also mix your drinks with diet soda or sparkling water to avoid the additional calories. Here are some additional ideas for the holidays.


My Vegas Rewards

Vegas is awesome! The city never sleeps! It’s true! You have people ordering cocktails 6 in the morning. It slows down around 3 to 5 am but people are just drunk and chilling at some slot machine or table game. There are people celebrating birthdays, bachelor (bachelorette) parties, people getting married, street performers, and all sorts of fancy things. Vegas will entertain you at all hours.

Like most people, I like to look up things to do, place to eat, and freebies. So I want to share an application (for the MGM resorts) that you should have if you are planning to visit Vegas because it will help you save a few bucks at some of the main attractions!

Download the app “My Vegas” (I have an iphone, but I’m sure other app stores have their version). They have a slot machine or blackjack version but it doesn’t matter because it will sync everything together through your Facebook login. This app is very useful and offers great things. Like every other app out there, it wants you to spend real money to play and get extra boosts, etc. But, DON’T! Because you can’t “cash” out and that will defeat the purpose of “FREEBIES”. I have never spent a penny —I just go in daily to collect my free points and chips to play and earn more points. This does take time and will not happen overnight, so download it now and start earning your points!

SO WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE THIS APP? Because you can use these points to redeem REAL REWARDS such as 1 to 2 night complimentary hotel rooms, food and drinks, buffets, slot plays, shows, and rides at the MGM resorts. Some restrictions: a person can only redeem 3 rewards per visit, this app is not available for local residents, and the rewards are non-transferrable.

And yes, you are on vacation, and will be splurging anyways… but why not save if you can?