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Blog 3: Lesser Of Two A-holes


Take a perusal through this article, and you might find yourself well swayed by the points made. Nothing directly wrong is stated of Donald or Theodore, and both are depicted appropriately as divisive and disingenuous bigots. Trump’s flexibility is fairly contrasted with Cruz’s zealotry, and even in terms of qualification, DT seems the smarter (relative) choice.

However, the point where I diverge from this argument is in the suggestion that Cruz would make a worse President. Don’t get me wrong, I fully agree the man is a dangerous nut whose election would likely precipitate global war. But here’s my position: The man can’t get elected at all.

Follow your polls and heed your religious peers all you want. Hell, you can be like me, fingering American culture as inherently pandering to such extremism. But a basic knowledge of politics tells you that while Cruz is more ridiculous, Trump is more electable; and not by any small margin.

So while the author asserts that Cruz represents a threat to whatever common interest held between humanity and Trump, I would instead posit that any campaign advantaged gained by Cruz is that much less radical conservative support for the comparatively moderate Trump, thus rendering both candidates less than likely to even be nominated for candidacy, much less elected.


Blog Post 3: Global Warming: Overplayed, Overhyped and Overcomplicated

I’m tired of Global Warming and Climate Change. I just automatically tune out because “here comes the politics, here comes the science, here comes the same old discussion points on both sides, over and over again.” It’s true for both sides.

I’m not a denier either. It’s happening, It’s probably caused by us, but I don’t know, and I don’t care either. I’m not apathetic, I simply have no desire to get into this field of manure that the discussion has become. Just look at what it’s become. They’re overused buzzwords that garner interest in a story that’s only related by the slimmest of margins.

What I do know is that the actual policies to offset Global Warming and Climate Change have more than just that as motivators. Take the acidification of the ocean thanks to the massive, total sum of pollution over the last century. Most of it ends up in the deep ocean, where not even we know what it’s doing, but the occasional time deep currents get pushed towards the shorelines, coastal ecosystems suffer waves of death. Fishermen that thrive on these animals are also being hurt, as are consumers. It’s not just what might happen ten or a hundred and ten years from now.

It’s happening today, and the discussion of Global Warming and Climate Change isn’t going anywhere. It has stalled, it’s been poorly marketed, and no one on either side of the issue is trustworthy to me anymore after so much back and forth and infusement of politics into this holy mess. There’s better talking points that show real things happening.

– Shawn

Fox News Doctor Must be High

Of all the blog tasks given to me in class this semester, this was the most challenging. “Find something to criticize.” The sheer volume of B.S. on the internet made it hard to choose just one.

I decided to go for an easy target — Fox News. I watched my fair share of Fox News during the Bush years. It was a great place to gauge points of view contrary to my own. Like being a fly on the wall of my metaphorical political enemy’s bunker.

Running the issues of the day through my head, I wanted something current and relevant.

How about medical marijuana?

Here is an issue I clearly come down on one side of, and I base that decision on the scientific evidence available to us all.  Medical marijuana is safe and effective. I had a feeling that Fox News would take the opposite approach, and boy was I right.

I found an instance of a Fox News “Medical A-Team” member, Dr. David Samadi associating marijuana with heart attacks and crack babies. That’s right — “crack babies.”

I can only assume he means “infants born addicted to crack cocaine” but if he does, it certainly makes no sense to pin the blame on pot. Here is an excerpt of his comments:

We’re seeing in Colorado that we had 13 kids that came to the emergency and ended up in the ICU as a result of overdose from marijuana. Now we have crack babies coming in because pregnant women are smoking this whole marijuana business.

Many bloggers, commenters and journalists have already pointed out the flaws in this asinine argument. One Reddit commentator summarized the views of Fox News’ medical staff:

  • Crack babies are apparently not caused by crack.
  • Death is apparently not a good way to measure if something is dangerous.
  • Some kids OD’d on marijuana which is crazy because he’s the only person in the world they told and that also defies every experiment done in the last 50 or so years. So he should release an actual report or something.
  • Which might be hard because he’s a urologist and has almost literally nothing to do with any medical field that should actually be reporting on cannabis.

Needless to say, my conclusion matches that of the commenter above, though I may not ever be able to state it so eloquently. Let me just say that Fox News, as they often do, had someone commenting way out of their depth about an issue they do not understand.

It’s hard to say if it is ignorance, bias or some ulterior motive. When journalistic standards are so low, it truly could be anything. Consume Fox News at your own peril.