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Are Vitamins Really Beneficial ?

Although there has not been much scientific studies or evidence that taking vitamins are in fact beneficial or work for that matter , I personally feel that they do. For about a two years now I have been searching for the right vitamins which works in my favor. Thats when I can across the Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails vitamin gummies. First of I would like to say that I was very, very, very (emphasis on the Very) skeptical about these gummies. I had gotten two bottles from an old job that I worked, after we hosted an event which we were able to then take what was left over from that event. I read about this product and was just like “YEA RIGHT! OK WHATEVER” and in the trash they went! But then a close friend of mine from high school ( who’s opinion I trust) told me that she has been taking them fo quite a while now (Then) and that she loves them because they do exactly what the company says they do. And that’s grow your hair, nails and keep your skin looking good. But in her case, it really made her nails grow longer and stronger.

So after hearing what she has to say about the product, I then did more research, specifically video reviews before going to purchase a bottle. Once I stared to take the vitamins, without even realizing, my nails were growing and not breaking off like they usually do! (Not even kidding) my skin seemed clearer and glowed more ( I also have a skin care routine so that was probably it). But you want know what else ? My hair grew longer. Now my hair isn’t insanely short but I am natural (meaning I don’t put any heat or chemicals in my hair that may cause damage) and I do a lot of protective styles like braids, hair extensions, wigs (so that my natural hair is protected and doesn’t sheed, fall or break off and stays healthy.) Now whenever I would take down those styles, each time I noticed how much longer my hair has grown. And it clicked to me that it was the vitamins I was taking! As far as the One A Days that you see in the photo, I just started them and hope they do exactly what the company says the do so I to can advocate for them.

Are There Any Real Benefits to Vitamis?

According to researchers at https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/wellness-and-prevention/is-there-really-any-benefit-to-multivitamins evidence shows that No, there are no real benefits to taking daily vitamins because all the minerals and nutrient you need can be found in eating a healthy well balanced diet such as Fruits, Vegetables, Whole grain, and Low fat dairy products. Researches also go on to say pregnant women are an exception to taking folic acid supplements because ” Folic acid prevents neural tube defects in babies when women take it before and during early pregnancy thats why multivitamins are recommended for younger women.” (Appel)

Multivitamins and Health Benefits

There are mixed feeling when it comes to rather or not taking vitamins can really help prevent heart diseases, (The One A Day multivitamins I have states on it label that it does not prevent heart disease) heart attacks, strokes, cancer or even early deaths. On the bright side, the studies do show that women who do take multivitamins have a 35% lower chance of dying from heart disease. Multivitamins as well can be beneficial for older adults, helping improve memory, brain function and eye health https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/do-multivitamins-work#other-benefits.

Knowing you vitamins A,B,C, E,D, K and the Proper dosage

Although researchers say there are no real use or befits in taking vitamins, I like to think that there are, otherwise they wouldn’t have made them and people like myself wouldn’t advocate for them (the good vitamins that actually works). And yes it may not help you live longer or help with heart disease but you still need your important vitamin intake such as vitamin D (especially if you live in a place where you get sunless days and cold winters) vitamin C and others. Its also important to do your research on the vitamins of your choosing as well as READING THE LABLE OF THE SUPPLEMENT FACTS! so you are not over dosing. To know more about the proper vitamin intake and the good and bad vitamins you should and should not take to much of, go to https://www.cfp.ca/content/cfp/51/7/965.full.pdf .

Lockdown Relief

“I have so much anxiety”

“I can’t wait till things return to normal”

“I think I’m officially losing my mind”

“I can’t wait till I’m not with my kids 24/7 anymore”

We’ve heard them all. Sometimes our friends we don’t hear from are the ones that struggle the most. Struggling with their mental health in uncharted territory. But what if there was another group? A group that was thriving in lock down. A group that felt better than ever. A group that felt guilty to speak of it knowing how many people are struggling in a negative way. I’m one of those people. I have loved lock down for so many reasons, and studies show there are many of us feeling this way. They call it “Lockdown Relief” and it is affecting those who have constant internal pressure.

Jasmine Cooray, an integrative counselor states “People who are driven by keeping up appearances, productivity, showing up to everything, achieving lots, being visible and being there for everyone have found themselves chilling out, landing in a feeling of relief at not having to perform any more. Because they have been given permission to do what they want to do … their relationship to themselves is much more authentic and organic as a result of not having an audience” https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/apr/29/coronavirus-lockdown-anxiety-mental-health

This lock down has given me the opportunity and time to do the things I truly enjoy. The above picture was Easter. There was no pressure to go or do anything I didn’t desire. It was a wonderful holiday spent with my cat Chi Chi, making homemade pasta and drinking delicious local wine. What things have you found bring you joy in lock down?

Death by Device?

Since the start of the millennium, technology has progressed into an unstoppable cycle of releases and re-releases. Growing up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, I was able to experience the rebirth of modern day tech and its negative effects on society. Although video game consoles were popular in the 90’s, they still haven’t measured up to the physical and mental health effects of current day mobile tech. Mobile devices like cell phones, tablets, and handheld gaming devices are a threat to our society.

According to Lindsey Beavers article published by The Washington Post, tech neck is “a risk for some 58 percent of American adults who own smartphones.” The article , ‘Text neck’ is becoming an ‘epidemic’ and could wreck your spine, dives into the physical damage these devices are doing to our bodies. More and more people are suffering from physical ailments that stem from tech related practices. In the article, Beavers spoke with Dr.Michelle Collie, a head performance physical therapy specialist, who “started seeing patients with mobile technology-induced head, neck and back pain some six or seven years ago.”

“Smartphone users spend an average of two to four hours per day hunched over, reading e-mails, sending texts or checking social media sites. That’s 700 to 1,400 hours per year people are putting stress on their spines, according to the research.”
-Lindsey Beaver, The Washington Post

These physical ailments aren’t the only harms technology is causing, they’re also effecting our mental health. More and more social media apps are creating filters that change your face into looking smaller, thinner, and lighter. These filters are creating unrealistic beauty standards that are creating users to experience body dysmorphia, reducing their self-esteem, confidence, and in some cases, they’re seeking plastic surgery. It has gotten to be so bad that Instagram recently banned all filters that resembled extreme plastic surgery from their platform. Recently, BBC spoke with the apps spokesperson and covered Instagrams decision drop the filters; the company, owned by FACEBOOK, states “We’re re-evaluating our policies – we want our filters to be a positive experience for people,” and that they are stopping “further approval of new effects like this and remove current effects if they’re reported to us.”

Technology is harming our society bit by bit; we used to have fear about sitting too close to the TV and loosing our eyesight, now it’s the threat of spine stress and life-long body image issues. The number of people suffering and falling victim to these mobile technology devices is growing rapidly daily.

These devices are threatening our society and need to be dealt with. The longer we wait, the worse it’ll be for our recovery and chances of damage reversal. This threat needs to be dealt with before more symptoms and permanent health related issues arise in our society.

Cyber Hipsters – My Love Hate Relationship With Instagram

cyber hipster

The audiences for this post are my classmates and I intend to help them understand my love hate relationship with Instagram.

I started to use Instagram as a way to share my love for photography. There I discovered a community of people who enjoyed doing the same and all was well for some time. But lately I’ve found social media to be a constant advertisement, always creating new ways to monetize experiences. It seems as though everyone is trying to promote their agendas instead of connecting with each other. In B. J. Mendelson’s book Social Media is Bullshit, he coins a term “Cyber Hipster” as a means to call out those who discharge a highbrow agenda and pretend everyone can obtain their ranks without some sort of sacrifice or privilege. They then proceed to sell you on an exclusive idea, maybe it’s a retreat in Bali they’re putting on or a new product before it starts to trend, whatever it is they’re looking for financial sponsors in their social media following. It’s becoming harder to see authentic motives behind some of the Instagram community members I once championed for not being “Cyber Hipsters”  and I’m no longer subscribing to their agendas.

What is the best social media platform for me?

I was struggling with what topic I felt I could be an “intelligent filter” for… So I began to brainstorm. The criteria was something related to social media that I wanted to learn more about.

I am a social media virgin who is expecting her first child in a few short weeks. The majority of my friends and family use Facebook, SnapChat, and/or Pinterest on a daily basis. I am facing a great deal of pressure from them to have a social media account as a way to share updates on the baby. 353fa8003c7a9b18265d79a9aad40d7d[1]I wanted to find something quick and easy but also something I could keep relatively private. This seemed like a tall order. *Please note, I do realize that nothing posted online is actually private.

I came across the image on the left after Googling “best social media format” and clicking on images. It caught my attention and seemed like a helpful graphic. After reading about the six apps, my focus narrowed. Facebook and Instagram seemed like the best options for sharing my baby photos so I Googled “Instagram vs Facebook”.

That search brought me to Jenn’s Trends. Jenn is a social media blogger with an honest no BS approach. Just the perspective I was looking for. Jenn explained the differences in Facebook and Instagram. She explained her perceived intention for each of the platforms. The highlights for me were:

  1. Instagram is not about memes or motivational quotes (the garbage stuff I don’t want to clutter my already fried brain with)
  2. Facebook is for games and sharing links (something I have ZERO interest in doing)
  3. Instagram is all about the images (images are what my friends and family are asking for)
  4. Instagram is about connecting with people (I believe that is why my friends and family want me to post…)

Making an Instagram account for class was quick (less than 5 minutes) and easy (all I needed was an email address). My experience in combination with Jenn’s evaluation made Instagram look more and more like the right fit. However, in order to be an intelligent filter I felt I needed to look a little deeper.

I found myself reading a Forbes article about the benefits a company can expect from Instagram. These benefits are appealing to me for my personal goals:

  1. It has greater control over spam and reasonably tight personal networks.
  2. It isn’t limited to just one social function, like LinkedIn is used for professional networking, and is approachable to a wide number of people.
  3. Instagram also wasn’t created for extended back-and-forth conversations. (ain’t nobody got time for that)
  4. In your image, posts, and comments, your goal should be to keep things as concise and light as possible. (hopefully there is nothing too deep about my baby’s first year in photos)

These two sources and the countless others I perused convinced me that Instagram is the logical choice for my criteria. Then I asked myself how private can I make my Instagram. I came across a blog on Mashable,  which informed me that “With privacy turned on, you still will have a Web profile, but your photos will be visible only to logged-in Instagram users you’ve allowed to follow you.”

So my plan is to get comfortable with Instagram during this semester, then create a personal page and invite my friends and family to follow it. Now to come up with a name for it…