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Should downloading music for free be illegal? (Blog Post 4)

As a kid, I remember my mother asking me to attend a work party. As a child, this sounded like a situation where I would rather be doing almost anything else than this. However, I reluctantly hopped in the car and joined my mom at the party. As we were all sitting around the bonfire, a friend of my mom’s named Dean was drumming on a conga drum. He offered me to join him and handed me a pair of bongos. I began rhythmically tapping and Dean seemed impressed with my performance, and before I knew it I was taking drum lessons with him! This eventually led to my parents purchasing me a beginner Drum Set, and I began participating in band class in elementary school and this lead me to also participating in jazz band, drumline, concert band, and this continued through junior high, high school and college! In college I even joined a band called “Ointment Appointment” both of our albums are up on Spotify if you feel inclined to check them out!

I have not actually received any money from this, but think about larger artists whose entire job and career is simply to produce music and tour their music. If people are constantly downloading music for free, this leads to artists or bands not making as much profit for the music they put so much effort into. I am not neccesarilly saying we should never download music for free or listen to music on sites like YouTube, but maybe consider also purchasing from merchandise from bands you like such as a shirt, hat or even a sticker. Another suggestion if you enjoy live music would be to purchase concert tickets! It has been said that most artists make most of their money from touring nowadays, because with apps like Spotify they do not make as much money from record or CD sales. So supporting a tour could be mutually beneficial, the attendee gets to experience the thrills of live music while the artist makes a bit of extra cash through concert tickets to help continue to support themselves and continue making music.

Another fun way to support artists could be to purchase a vinyl record from a band you enjoy. I recently purchased three records for myself, two of which were record store day releases. The albums were; “Kauai” by Childish Gambino, “Sunshine on Leith” by The Proclaimers, and “Modal Soul” by Nujabes. Record store day happens twice a year across the globe, I even remember showing up at around 2am last year with my brother and waiting in line to get some records. In conclusion, I do not think downloading music for free should be illegal, but is important to support artists that you enjoy!

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Why The Cannabis Industry Is About More Than Getting High.

Quinton Miller, Metropolitan State Universtity, Public Relations Major, April 19th, 2021, Post #4 type #4

Cannabis derived products cannot be marketed or operated by current means because its illegal; however, the market still exists as around the 33 states that have medical marijuana legalized. This opens the job market to advertising, marketing and public relations related work for the industry. The problem is that although more than 15 states have legalized recreational cannabis, it is still illegal at the federal level. In addition, there is the conversation surrounding the variety of hemp based products effectiveness.

The Cannabiz Team notes in their Instagram page that, “With 321,000 full-time cannabis employees (as of January 2021)- the cannabis industry has no signs of slowing down. The US cannabis industry has averaged a 27.5% growth since 2017.” https://www.instagram.com/p/CM0Bpc7hALQ/?igshid=hl5fqhwxkq18

Medical cannabis surveys cannot be legally approved by the National Institute of Health unless they are anonymously done, which bypasses the need for the organizations approval. The only problem with not receiving approval from the NIH is the lack of credibility. This could greatly impact cannabis stocks as well as demand for professionals who specialize in press releases. Furthermore, Cannabiz Media begun utilizing other avenues that had been traditionally used in getting the word out. Magazines and trade shows are popular marketing methods being used to promote business and their endeavors. These methods are almost as old as I. Social media’s like Google AdWords, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have banned these ads for now, although pages may still exist. Practitioners are required to be mindful of these types of things going into this section of the corporate setting.

Practitioners work together to discuss the future of views sought after to express their companies identity.

I have studied the direction of marijuana, social media, technology and stocks during my senior year of high school. I had more time on my hands and it was a popolar topic at my school that no one was really knowledgeable of. I did presentations for my public speaking class. This led up to my enrollment to Metropolitan State University. I believe it is an emerging marketplace that is exclusive and therefore bound to become even more global. I have invested funds, thousands of dollars, and won in the stock market trading during its volatility. I see its potential. Once government agencies figure out how to gain tax revenue us each state consistently it will give way a sustainable market. Think of it like the prohibition era. Cannabis will be another example of alcohol or cigarette prohibition scenario except that it has popularized healing effects. It’s negative stigma is coming to a close and fading slowly through public relations and social awareness. Hemp products are becoming widely seen in local retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS pharmacies. I see this as a potential career goal for myself because of the enjoyment I gain from trumping those who don’t see its potential. New York governor Andrew Como recently legalized Recreational Cannabis for the big apple. New York pledges to gear some of that money towards ethnic community’s funds.

Check out this post from the @CannabizTeam on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNFudOchNuK/?igshid=aoyrhsevj12m

Medically, cosmetically, economically and socially this cash crop has traction. This will not only subside Americans of the social systematic racist dogma, but also create opportunities for those who have been incarcerated for charges like possession for nonviolent offenders. This is a win win situation for American culture and economy.

Dog Discrimination

Banning specific dog breeds within places are absurd. People managing apartments or just public grounds do not understand dogs. Every dog behavior is different, base on owners handling. breed does not play a part.

Dogs come in many shape, size, and temperament. Every individual dog can however turnout for the better or worst. According to research, the (Pitbull Terrier) was once proudly recognize as America’s dog. But, because of mishandling from owners, the pitbull terrier is shame upon today. Although the breed is still quite popular, look alone puts fear in people. This discrimination causes such banning in certain states and even living situation.

Breed specific-legislation (BSL) is a law that targets specific dog. It supposedly controls banning rights and restrict breeds within living situations. In some cases, this law targets breed that looks similar to specific dogs. Causing misunderstanding for public’s and endangering dogs. This law is a discrimination for breeds in general, it does not bring out the best in dog. Because so many dogs are mutt, one does not know if the dog is a “pitbull” or different type of terrier.

According to this web, the term “pitbull” refers to “elastic, imprecise, and subjective phrase.” Meaning that the dog is known to have any weight from 20-100lbs and carries a block head. This basically pertains to most dogs, meaning that any dog can be a pitbull. If anything, all dogs are mix and carries some sort of trait from different breeds.

Discriminating on specific dogs are insanely high within states and that brings in higher rate for dog shelter. This has nothing to do with dogs either, but owners. If anything, owners are the cause for this stereotype for breeds, owners should be responsible for those punishment, not the dogs.

Don’t Run JOE!

Someone shouted famous slogan “Run, Joe, Run” as Joe Biden was begging to address House Democratic retreat in Feb 2018 hoping to challenge Trump 2020 presidential race. The idea that Joe Biden challenging Trump to restore American dignity in domestic and abroad itself is crazy and wild to me. Joe Biden is the definition of status quo and stands everything that is wrong in this country because of his record in the senate. Biden was opposed federally mandated busing policy designed to end segregation in schools in 1975. His excuse, he was concerned backlash from his white constituency. Imagine if that Biden wants to run as champion for rights of minority in this country.

The same guy who sat silently in Anita Hill hearing as she testified powerful supreme court nominee and recalled horrific memory of assault that haunted her for years. He sat silently acting he cared the victim, but his actions said otherwise. As chairman of judicial committee, he could have called other witnesses to collaborate her story or start investigation to verify her accusation but worried backlash from his committee. The same guy who wrote the crime bill that targeted African American communities and destroyed so many families in 90s for injustice incarceration wants to be our savior for this country. The same guy who touches women without their consent and violates their rights and argues that that is how he connects people, or he is old school. This guy took every short cut in the book to stay in power and refused to do the right. Voting Joe Biden to be president in this country is the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same result. There is reason this country did not change for everyone and we are still fighting for same rights as everyone else. This is because the democratic party promises to change every election but never fulfills its promise. They only remember their constituency the election cycle and fail to do their duty. I say enough is enough, we should tell the democratic party to either change or be dumped and for Joe, I say DO NOT RUN JOE!.

Why joe Biden is wrong for democratic party.


Fetal Tissue Research Must Continue

microscopic view of fetal tissue sample (Gettyimages)

First and Foremost: This post is not an open invitation to debate the legality or ethics of abortion rights in America. The right for a woman to obtain an abortion has been part of United States (U.S.) law since January, 22nd, 1973 when Roe v. Wade was ruled on by the Supreme Court. As of this writing it stands as the law of the land. When a pregnancy is terminated, the fetal tissue may be voluntarily donated for scientific research or not. Doctors and clinics may not profit from the sale of fetal tissue.

Fetal Cell Tissue is the Best Option for Research: Going back to the 1930’s, researchers were aware of certain benefits of using fetal cell tissue in their research on vaccines and other treatments. The most basic of which is that it is just that – a living human cell, not an animal cell or a theory. One of the major benefits of fetal cells is that they are undifferentiated (they haven’t developed into specialized cells yet, like blood cells or muscle cells). They are a blank slate and can be used in many ways. Some individuals believe that animal cells can be used in the place of fetal tissue, but “if we want to study a process, it’s best to use the real thing”, says Akhilesh Pandey from Johns Hopkins. Being undifferentiated, fetal cell tissue is easy to grow into long existing cell lines that easily adapt to their use.

measles vaccine (gettyimages)

Fetal Cell Tissue Research Breakthroughs: The list of vaccines that have been created and other research that has been done using fetal cell tissue is immense. A partial listing of vaccines created using these tissue lines includes polio, rubella, mumps, measles, chicken pox, hepatitis A, and rabies. Recent breakthrough research using fetal cell tissue includes advances in the treatment of macular degeneration, HIV, Alzheimer’s, and Zika virus.

Research using fetal cell tissue is irreplaceable and invaluable.

Trump Administration Greatly Curtails Fetal Tissue Medical Research: Just yesterday (Wednesday, June 5th), the Trump administration, via an announcement from the department of Health and Human Services (DHS), stated they were sharply cutting federal spending on medical research using fetal tissue because, “Promoting the dignity of human life from conception to natural death is one of the very top priorities of President Trump’s administration”. Much of this research occurs in conjunction with the National Institute of Health (N.I.H) and the announcement is an end to relationship that resulted in many medical breakthroughs since the 1950’s. The public outcry has been immediate and loud, from the medical research community to human rights groups. Sam Hogwood, the chancellor of the University of California, San Francisco said, “today’s action ends a 30-year partnership with the N.I.H. to use specially designed models that could be developed only through the use of fetal tissue to find a cure for H.I.V…We believe this decision to be politically motivated, shortsighted and not based on sound science.”

To Wrap Things Up: In their announcement, the administration stated that the main reason behind their decision was “promoting the dignity of human life”. Or, looking at the administration’s past behaviors, they really aren’t basing anything on true scientific reasoning or for the benefit of U.S. citizen’s lives, they are bowing to pressure from far-right anti-abortion groups and conservative members of congress – all in their true shallow spirit of pandering to their base for reelection support. If the administration is interested in the dignity of human life and how it is viewed by the most conservative entity in the world, they need only look to the Catholic Church, which in 2017 came out in support of vaccines created using fetal cell tissues saying that the potential public health risks of not using these treatments far outweighs the concern about the vaccine’s origins.

This research is vital to the continued development of breakthroughs in medical research for the betterment of all our lives. This decision by the U.S. government shows how little they regard what is in the best interest of the U.S. population, in favor of pleasing the extreme right for self-serving reelection purposes.

I’ve said it before and I will continue to repeat myself – CONTACT YOUR GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES AND LET THEM KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS. One of the easiest ways to do so is to text the word “resist” to 50409. Resistbot will reply and ask you a few basic questions to get started. It’s very simple – won’t you join me?

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Do I look like an immigrant to you?

Being from an Asian background, I can definitely tell you that even I have gotten that “look” or your typical Asian stereotype questions asked to me. Even in my relationship, my fiancé is Caucasian (specifically Russian) and people assume that I am the immigrant when honestly, I am born and raised in the United States and he is the one who came from Russia. But that’s just the way it is and my fiancé and I don’t mind it at all. We understand that not everyone is culturally understanding of different diversities and we are rarely offended.

This isn’t the case for everyone though. Even in this world now, as a person of color, you are most likely judged and subjugated to a certain way of how people view you as in their personal experiences or views. I know I said that it doesn’t bother me, but one of the things that do bother me are articles like this, Metro Transit investigation of officer’s immigration query. It isn’t right to be asked about your immigration or citizen status just because of your accent, what you wear, or the color of your skin. No one should feel less of a person just because they are of a different race even if they were a citizen here or not. It’s sad that people these days don’t just support one another and must label and assume the worst in everyone. I have been asked many times if I am from here or not and about my citizenship status in the United States, I respectfully say “yes”. Even though I know that it doesn’t matter where I am from.  My friends whom are from various diversities experience this also and I just dislike the way immigrants, or not, are viewed as negative here when really, all should be welcome.

So, remember when you are asked by law enforcement or anyone who you feel uncomfortable talking to regardless of your immigration or citizenship status, you have the right to remain silent and that you have constitutional rights. In those moments, you may feel vulnerable but don’t forget to stay calm and that you have rights like everyone else. For more information, check out this website by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Thank you,