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Stay Creative Y’all

While our former president is teaching us how to take the best selfie, the Chinese government struggles to maintain control on the itching desire for social media freedom.

It seems we have found the two extremes when it comes to the affect social media is having on cultural experiences. However, I pause to ask myself, which seems better? To have so much information and accessibility we create a world of blurred lines between what news is real and fake, or to be cut off from any news sites completely – except those the government wishes to release? Both situations seem to have a doomed end result.

Today our social media is plagued with incredibly fake (can we even use this word still?) news sources. Let’s just name a few from one of my oh-so-fellow Facebook friends: The Daily Wire, where we learn there is proof that Obama spied on Trump, where, again, there is undeniable proof of Obama’s wire tapping, Rowdy Republican, AM1280 The Patriot, 100percent Fed Up,, and, my personal favorite,

Let’s get it together guys.

We forget that we have such an  amazing advantage with social media. We have proven these advantages in revolutionary proportions, the most notable example being the Arab Spring, where we were reminded just how incredibly influential social media platforms can be.

Social media has given a voice to the people and has forced companies to rethink their ethical responsibilities. Recently United Airlines learned how viral a situation can become when employees handled a situation painfully wrong.

We, as the people, have more power than we even know and we choose to pollute our platforms with junk. Meanwhile, our fellow millennials in China are fighting for their right to their online voice. We have the ability to be incredibly resourceful and create new possibilities for ourselves and others around the world. We just need to remember to #staycreative.





The Longhairs

First, click here.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 3.25.33 PM.png

The Longhairs is a group of men who have a simple mission: to provide a community for guys with, you guessed it, long hair. This group spoke to me immediately, not because I am a guy with long hair, but because this group’s motivation and way of spreading their mission aligns with Sprout MSP‘s. Like the Longhairs, Sprout MSP is meant to build a community through shared vision. Both groups spread the word about their cause without including harsh consequences that apply when one doesn’t follow in the community belief.  Seeing the Longhairs method of outreach helped me understand the path that, perhaps, Sprout MSP should be following.

The Longhairs use multiple channels to reach their audience including their website, blog, subscription newsletters, facebook, and even their own line of products. (I know what you are thinking ladies, do it! Don’t worry you won’t be alone, I totally signed up for the haircare tips and purchases some ties myself.) By having multiple channels this group is opening themselves up to more exposure and therefore are spreading their mission one internet user at a time. Two inventive channels they focus on are their products and newsletters. By having their own products, The Longhairs are able to bring the attention back to their goal every time an onlooker asked about the logo on the front of someone’s shirt or another “bro-dude” with long hair asks to borrow a ponytail binder. In addition, by having a daily newsletter, The Longhairs are able to reach their community members directly, encouraging them to share the mission with others.

Now while I do not have any motivation to create a line of products for this group mission, I did appreciate the inspiration The Longhairs brought me. Now I am refocused on Sprout MSP’s mission, and am standing for my first newsletter about hair care!

Group Blog 1 – The Many Faces of Metro: Cultural Awareness and Its Importance in Today’s Culture

Cultural awareness is something that is both important and even detrimental it seems in our culture today. With our culture becoming increasingly more diverse, and the Midwest becoming more and more multicultural it would seem that creating awareness about this and informing the populace at large more would seem a great necessity.

Social media is one excellent manner in which one can bring attention to the issue of cultural awareness and diversity. Finding groups on Facebook and YouTube that support and allow for this and wish to improve on it are some ways to support and make steps forward in this regard. Also addressing the challenges one faces with integrating or attempting to integrate into a new culture would be another effective method of bringing about and creating cultural awareness. Also searching for other blog pages that address this issue in detail, both locally and nationwide, is another effective way to go about addressing the issue of cultural awareness and diversity.

Two groups on Facebook that it would be noteworthy to look up would be The Many Faces of Metro and Humans of New York. These groups are mainly about informing the public about cultural awareness and depicting it in a more benevolent fashion. Numerous blog sites addressing diversity in American culture would be worthwhile looking into more as well.

While it is good to address the reality of this issue and want to see it in a positive light, this may not also be healthy. It is good to look at sites, groups, and blogs that may view this topic in a more critical light and may possibly see the flaws or possible misconceptions that may arise if one does not look at this in a panoramic manner. Issues such as racism, sexism, negative stereotyping, and harm committed to either the majority or minority cultures are issues that one should always be aware of. It would seem that when looking into this topic the issue of primary importance should be having respect for differing viewpoints than one is used to hearing.


Would I get a job with masters degree in hands?

Recently I have been planning and thinking to go to Grad school to get an advanced education. I have been doing a lot of search on what is the best degree to go for. I mean by best degrimgres-1ee is that the degree that gives me more knowledge and the opportunity to get strong financially. While going through some online articles and educating material I ran into this article by COURTNEY DOTTERER BRANHAM.

This article and couple other articles made me rethink my plans going to grad school. I have been making some inquiries at different grad schools from U of MN to St. Mary’s to many others. I have found that grad school is not cheap and it takes a lot to go to grad school financially and socially. A person has to leave a lot to be able to go grad school from job to family even. I was told by one of the advisors from University of Minnesota that it is good to not have a job at all while going to grad schools but if you have to work while going to school then part time job is recommended. As a family man with only one income, it is a very important decision for me to go to grad school. I have to think about a lot of things before I can make a decision on continuing my education. I have to think about my two kids and my wife who stays home to take care of the kids and my mother who lives with us and needs help all the time with different things.

I will suggest to all my fellow students to think many times before going to grad school and make sure they are going for the degree that does have some future and is going to payoff at the end of the day



How to save a life

If you know anyone that has been effected by cancer or any horrible blood disease, you know that it is a very sad and painful process that a person has to go through. Years ago, I personally went through a situation of losing a nephew at 9 months old because he was diagnosed with leukemia and there wasn’t much that anyone could do about it. I know that I am not the only one who has gone through this situation and all you can do is move forward and think of what else you can do.

If you ever wondered if there was something that you can do, you can make a difference and potentially save someone’s life. If you are from the ages of 18 to 44, you have a high chance in being a match to donate your bone marrow to save a baby, child, adult, or anyone with this life-threatening disease. All it takes is to be registered on a national bone marrow registry like, Be the Match and DKMS, and to be listed for patients that are in need.

When you first join, you take a buccal swab test so that your HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) is listed on the registry for patients and their physicians to access. Once you are a match, there are two ways to donate and that is through PBSC (Peripheral Blood Stem Cell) and bone marrow donation. Both processes are harmless to the donor and an extensive examination is done before donation.

Doug Sundin/UW OSHKOSH from

Here is a story about 22-year-old college student, Brett from Wisconsin who saved a 10-year-old girl from Indiana. This wonderful story details the experience of these two people and their journey to a successful transplant. This and many stories has been successfully shared online and with joining and supporting a bone marrow registry, you can also make a difference in someone’s life.

For more information and to learn more, check out: Be the Match and DKMS

Navigating Social Media Can be a Nightmare for us Older Students

v reali understand nothing

As an older student returning to college after thirty years has been a challenge. Learning how to do and submit class assignments electronically has been a culture shocking experience. Depending on your career prior to returning back to school can make a huge difference in your chances to be a successful student and acquire a degree. I will use my self for an example. Prior to my returning to college i was a furniture mover. I was required to know or use zero social media or electronic communication engines. I did have a Facebook  and an E-mail account. These were the extent of my electronic and social media communication experiences. After taking the placement examination i was placed in the classes appropriated from my scores, OK dandy. Where i immediately hit a road block was navigating D2l and understanding the language of the instructions by the instructor. I was clueless and scared to death. But willing to give this college thing a shot.

My first college essay was due in three weeks and I was determined to write it and turn it in on time. My instructor directed us to turn in our essays via Dropbox by a certain date and time. So i work on my essay with vigor and pride. finally I am done and ready to turn in my first essay. I find my professors office but cant find the dam Dropbox. I looked all over for the dam thing but i found nothing. Well i get to class on Monday, paper was due Friday, pissed off because my instructor did not have her Dropbox where i could access it. I approached her stating that i looked for her Dropbox on Friday and could not find it. She looked at me with a huge smile and said “its OK Albert, stay after class and i will show you how to use the Dropbox on D2l”.\

So since that time i have learned how to navigate D2l, write 8 page essays( with supporting references) and even copy/paste, lol. I am 8 credits away from attaining my BA degree in Org Comm. I figured this should be smooth sailing the rest of the way. Well after walking in MDST 485 i realized how smooth was not gonna happen. I don’t know how to Blog, tweet,re tweet or re- Blog. I am hanging on a thread. However i will learn this stuff but for know, Steve Carell says it best for me.

Visual OverLoad

I understand the need to market yourself, brand, product, or business to as many consumers as possible.  It can help expand your brand, or whatever you are promoting.  After all, news still travels by word of mouth and now social media?  What better way to promote your business, and reach the masses than social media?

Social media provides multiple platforms for you to put your creativity on display.  It can be an affordable and quick solution to grab someone’s attention.   However they way you capture that attention at times can be overwhelming,  And if you are anything like me, and have Spiderman senses visual overload can be a pain in the @$$!  With my highly attuned senses, I ‘m at risk for multiple disorders, like MEP (Major Exaggerator Disorder) or HSP (Hypersensitive person)  just to name a few common ones.

These disorders are not to be confused with Photosensitivity disorder or other Epilepsy triggers .  It just makes me highly prone to miss the important details, because the minor ones are overloading my Spidey senses.   Yes, I have superhero senses, but it doesn’t mean I am infallible.  I too can crash from more than just coffee.

Visual overload is like fireworks on the fourth of July. A moment of oohs and aahs then it’s over. You don’t know the name of the vendor that put on that amazing display of pyrotechnics, and in all honesty, do you really care? Of course, not the show is over, and you were entertained job well done. Unless this vendor is trying to market a product, oh well it sucks to be them!  They should’ve handed out some flyers before the show. Graphics, interactive media, videos, and other visual effects on social media can be quite impressive. However, at times I am often left wondering, what happened to the content.  Who are you and what are you about?   With so many visual displays it easy to overlook the product or the purpose. With so many options how do you  stay relevant?



Facebook: Deactivated 

From joining a gym, starting a new diet or even vowing to never begin the night with shots of tequila again, January 1st is the day that signifies a new beginning for many people. For me, this day is important because January 1st is the day that I deactivated. That’s right I said it. About five months ago, I started a new chapter and deactivated my Facebook account. Now I know what you are thinking. Sure, I do feel a little left out when someone asks me if I saw Laurens new puppy or Becky’s atrocious haircut. But, in all reality, it has been such a relief to “unplug.” I spent countless amounts of time endlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed. For what? Yes, I got to see how cousin Tim in Pennsylvania was doing but I also saw hundreds of people putting on their best face and bragging about how great life is. Daily I would see girls posting overly edited photos with captions that came directly from motivational posters. Minor life events became tremendous accomplishments or spectacles that everyone needed to see. 
Now, I do not consider myself a jealous person (I mean maybe a little but who isn’t right?), but when I saw all of these people posting about their lives, I couldn’t help but compare myself to them. I haven’t climbed that mountain. My hair never lies nicely like that, and I’m not even close to getting married. Cutting the cord on a media outlet that allows people to perfectly market themselves significantly increased my self-esteem and has even helped lower my anxiety. The past few months, I have rarely found myself comparing my life, looks, or successes to others. By stepping away from Facebook, I have been able to see people for who they are in person rather than who they present themselves to be on social media. And let’s be real, no one is as great in person as they seem to be on their Facebook page. If you happen to be someone who is actually as awesome as their Facebook page shows, then take a look at other reasons for you to deactivate below. As for the rest of the population, stop wasting your time scrolling and comparing yourself to your 1,000 plus friend. Deactivate.

Ideas for Scheduling Posts

As a graphic designer, I am a sucker for visuals – that much should be obvious. So when important information can be communicated via clean and concise images, I feel like my brain has made an epiphany. ‘Finally! Things make sense!’

Perhaps that’s why I have an appendage for infographics. Especially ones that build vertically so that I don’t have to click on anything to get the information I need. (Wait, am I admitting to being lazy?). Whatever the case may be, I am almost certain that 90% of the population would agree. Why else do agencies spend the big bucks on creative services? BECAUSE IT’S COMPELLING! But you don’t have to take my word for it; I’ve recently stumbled upon this (see below) infographic from reputable marketing blogger, Mariah Halthoff.

It outlines the peak times to make social media posts for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest in a neatly organized manner. I thought it could be helpful for my peers who are realizing we need to set up social media accounts for our projects by Thursday (5/18).


Although I am aware that this is not concrete information, it is a great jumping point for determining social media strategies. Does anyone else have significant experience with scheduling posts?