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Investing For the Future

After joining the workforce, I had an older coworker close to retirement age talking to me about finances. She said that her generation will be the last to receive social security benefits. By the time I retire, there will be no program in place to help me financially. That had me thinking about putting money away, so that I could live a carefree retirement.

With that in mind, I made a plan for  myself to build up my saving account to have a rainy day fund in case anything happens. I made it a priority to pay myself first before anything else. However, when I put money into my savings I noticed that the rate of interest was so low that I would be only making a few cents a year. I decided to look at alternative ways of building wealth.

That is when I looked into the realm of investing and other related areas. With my job, I utilize the 401k plan to get the full company match and decided to opt for the Employee Stock Plan. Using these options at work essentially gives me free money from the company because I am getting more than I put in. Also, I started to look into the idea of compound interest and opened another retirement account, a Roth IRA. Basically, the retirement account with work is pre-tax while the Roth IRA is post-tax.

The Roth IRA means that the money is yours and you will not have to pay taxes on it later. It can accumulate compound interest, which means instead of the money being paid out, the initial amount put in will continue to grow and gain more interest. For example, if I had $10,000 that gained 5% interest in a year then it would be $10,500. After another year and additional 5% interest it would be $11,025. That is a gain of $1025! Now imagine how much that would be after 40 years?

I encourage you to spend some time learning about finances and different ways of earning income. The new American Dream is being financially independent, which takes a vast amount of dedication and learning about different trades.


My Vegas Rewards

Vegas is awesome! The city never sleeps! It’s true! You have people ordering cocktails 6 in the morning. It slows down around 3 to 5 am but people are just drunk and chilling at some slot machine or table game. There are people celebrating birthdays, bachelor (bachelorette) parties, people getting married, street performers, and all sorts of fancy things. Vegas will entertain you at all hours.

Like most people, I like to look up things to do, place to eat, and freebies. So I want to share an application (for the MGM resorts) that you should have if you are planning to visit Vegas because it will help you save a few bucks at some of the main attractions!

Download the app “My Vegas” (I have an iphone, but I’m sure other app stores have their version). They have a slot machine or blackjack version but it doesn’t matter because it will sync everything together through your Facebook login. This app is very useful and offers great things. Like every other app out there, it wants you to spend real money to play and get extra boosts, etc. But, DON’T! Because you can’t “cash” out and that will defeat the purpose of “FREEBIES”. I have never spent a penny —I just go in daily to collect my free points and chips to play and earn more points. This does take time and will not happen overnight, so download it now and start earning your points!

SO WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE THIS APP? Because you can use these points to redeem REAL REWARDS such as 1 to 2 night complimentary hotel rooms, food and drinks, buffets, slot plays, shows, and rides at the MGM resorts. Some restrictions: a person can only redeem 3 rewards per visit, this app is not available for local residents, and the rewards are non-transferrable.

And yes, you are on vacation, and will be splurging anyways… but why not save if you can?

What youtubers should you be watching?

As all of you probably know by my blog posts, I am a big fan of youtube. What I mean by that is, I watch specific people’s videos on the daily. I have been on this kick ever since youtube was even a thing; about 10 years now! I have gone to California for the youtube convention, Vidcon, and met some of my favorite youtubers.

You might think that watching youtube videos is super boring, but these people work their ass off to make content that other people will watch and let me just tell you, they make a ridiculous amount of money doing it.

For this post, I’m gonna talk about the top 3 youtubers that have made it big on the website and who are, in my opinion, the most popular.

  1. Zoella (Zoe Sugg)
Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 4.57.35 PM


Zoe was one of the first beauty guru’s from England that made it big on youtube. Even though she started out doing just beauty stuff, she doesn’t just do that now. She does store hauls (where she shows the things that she’s bought), monthly favorites (where she talks about her favorite things every month), and my favorite, vlogs (video blogs about her life) and other misc stuff that you’re just going to have to go to her page to see.

She doesn’t do vlogs very often but when she does they’re each like 30 minutes long. On the 1st of December, her along with a bunch of other youtubers do a thing calls Vlogmas, where they vlog their daily lives for the whole month of December and I do have to say, Zoe’s is the best. So if you’re a big Christmas fanatic, go watch her vlog channel linked above starting December 2nd.

ALSO (i know what you’re thinking, how can this amazing person do more??) she has a beauty line out that has a lot of really amazing products. Not much makeup, but she sells a lot of different ranges that have lotions, body washes, etc.

2. Pointlessblog (Alfie Deyes)

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 5.10.02 PM

Now I may be a little biased because Alfie and Zoe have been dating for 5 years now but he really does make really good vlogs. He documents his life every day and posts it and I have watched a lot of vlog channels because they’re my favorite but his is definitely a top 5. Not only does he make youtube videos, but he also sells merchandise that are super affordable. I personally own a sweatshirt and have bought his Christmas advent calendars in the past so 10/10.

3. Duan Mackenzie 

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 5.18.38 PM.png

Now, Duan is not as big as Alfie and Zoe but she’s definitely a new up and comer youtuber. I have seen a lot of people from the beginning who haven’t always been very good or have had the best attitude but Duan is definitely doing very well. She is a good youtuber if you are looking for some positivity in your life and are looking for some motivation. Not only that, but she takes AMAZING photos, like honestly breathtaking, so pop over to her instagram and go give her pictures a like.

A lot of youtubers aren’t the best at connecting with their subscribers and fans because they have too many to keep track of but Duan definitely takes the time to thank her fans and talk to them which is something i admire and appreciate a lot. You can tell that she’s truly thankful for all of the opportunities she has gotten because of youtube and that she appreciates every single person that has watched her from the start.

If you are looking for more fun short videos, go over to David Dobrik, Joe Sugg , and Caspar Lee