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Support Net Neutrality

Look at the image above and identify the familiar sites that you frequently visit. Now see the price on the right of it? What if cable companies and internet providers charged you based on the websites you visit and the various functions you need?

Looking at television, you already see this with Comcast or DirectTV and their channel packages. To get the premium channels there is an upcharge. Want to watch Game of Thrones? Then that will be an extra $30 dollars added to the $100 you are already paying for cable. This scenario could be in the distant future for consumers if net neutrality is taken away.

Net neutrality is the principle that internet service providers must treat all data on the internet the same, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication. Essentially, the internet should be a place that is not regulated by the government or media conglomerates.

I’ve read the book 1984 by George Orwell and sacrificing Net Neutrality would bring us as a society one step closer to a dystopian reality. A little bit of background about the novel, it was written in 1948 when there was fear of global war and Orwell describes a totalitarian dystopia that is characterised by government control and subjugation of the people. Every method of communication would be monitored and controlled. Without Net Neutrality, internet providers can speed up, slow down, or block any applications or websites you want to use. I say fight for a free internet because that is the way it has always been!

Save The Internet: What You Need to Know


Violence Against Men

When a man hits a woman — it’s abuse. When a woman hits a man — it’s self defense.

While most organizations and advocators say victims of domestic violence “can be of any age, sex, race, culture, religion, education, employment or marital status”, women continue to be the vast majority. Women are often labeled as fragile, vulnerable, and victims of violence. Studies and statistics by CDC shows that 1 in every 4 women is a victim of violence versus 1 in every 7 men. Most women are granted protection by the law and support systems when it comes to violence.

A video clip done by a group of amateurs demonstrate how the bystanders jump to the rescue when a woman is being mistreated in public. In contrasts, it also shows how the bystanders do not take into account when the man is being abuse by the woman. This is another article that sums up what violence against men looks like today. Often time, men cannot find the help and support they need because “a woman can’t hurt you”.


This shows that society have isolated men from being victims. Men are seen as strong beings, protectors, and the penetrator. This kind of generalization prevents them from protection, support, and the possibility of being a victim.

Domestic violence can range from physical to emotional abuse and other unwanted contacts. It should not matter whether the penetrator is strong or weak, black or white, male or female. Any person should not be seen as more or less of a victim just because of their physical image and potential strength. When society picks and chooses who fits the profile of a victim, it takes away the fact that violence can happen to anyone regardless of their “age, sex, race, culture, religion, education, employment or marital status”.

Choose your Halloween costume wisely

Image result for halloween pumpkins

Halloween is the one time where you can dress up as anything that you want and you wont get judged for being “slutty” or really cheesy because everyone is doing it. But listen, there has to be a line.

I work in a coffee shop, in a small town with a lot of pretty wealthy people that have a chip on their shoulder, so it’s not that foreign for me to see some ignorance here and then. I was working this evening and all of the sudden, I see a white male dressed up as a terrorist walking right by our window, just taking a stroll, smoking a cigarette. Me and my other coworkers were in complete awe. How, especially with all of the ignorance that is going on in the world, would you ever dress up as a terrorist? It is simply just not appropriate and I have no patience for anyone who has even an ounce of racism. Thankfully he didn’t come in because I honestly would not have served him.

So my position is this, you can’t dress up as something for halloween that makes fun of anyone, especially not a specific culture/race. 

There are a lot of racist people in the world, hell our country is being run by a misogynist racist. So how have people not caught up and realized that dressing up as someone of another culture IS NOT OKAY? Even dressing up in a sombrero and a poncho and dressing up as a “Mexican” (in quotes because people from Mexico don’t dress like that) is offensive. When has cultural appropriation ever been okay? As a person from a different country, I would never dress up as someone from another culture and think that it was funny.

I just had to write about this because it completely angered me that someone would do something like that and think that it was okay. I guess with a president (not my president, sorry not sorry) like this one, people can think they can do whatever the hell without any consequences because he does the same thing.

So please, choose your halloween costume wisely.

On a lighter note and in the spirit of halloween, here’s a picture from my class instagram of some of me and my friends with the pumpkins that we carved.



Calling all Scientists

There is something missing from the world today … actually, there are a great many somethings missing from the world today.

I refer of course to the species that have gone extinct throughout history. Some of these extinctions occurred naturally over a great span of time. Others occurred as a mass extinction caused by some cataclysmic event. dino

The “natural” rate of extinction is about one-five species per year, but in recent history, scientists have estimated about twelve species per day are going extinct!!

At this rate of acceleration, it appears we may be heading for another mass extinction. This time it will be the end of the Age of Mammals (the Cenozoic Era).

We as humans discuss a lot of issues, politics, religion, social injustice, and yes even the environment. But where we seem to focus our attention is at the very high level, big picture aspects. When we talk about the environment we talk about the ice caps melting (which will take a long time and have obvious widespread effects), we also talk about our grandchildren and providing them with clean air and water. Long-term, big picture stuff.

But what about the small things? The microbiology of Earth? EO Wilson, a microbiologist, speaks out about the importance of insects and microorganisms. For example, he talks about a tiny marine-bacteria in the oceans that was only recently discovered, in 1988. They are now considered to be one of the most populace life forms on Earth, and one of the smallest. This sub-microscopic entity is now thought to be the leading producer of photosynthesis in the ocean.

These are things that go unknown and unnoticed to most people. Because of this ignorance of the world around us. We continue to generate contaminants that we think are protecting us, but are probably actually leading us down the path to extinction. Many small organisms and insects are absolutely vital to our survival, but we spread pesticides and antibiotics with ease.

Wilson has a dream of knowledge, spreading knowledge of every species on Earth and how they might interact with and support our own selves. He calls it the Encylopedia of Life. The idea is an opensource online encyclopedia where scientists can log their knowledge about any and every species on Earth.

That fits into what we discuss in class very nicely, I think, it is basically a scientific forum for sharing information and knowledge. It could inspire a movement to help save some of these species that we unwittingly rely on for life.

Another TED talk given by Wilson is a call to young scientists to take up the mantle of research and discovery. It seems Wilson has a concern about a reduced interest in the field of scientific research. He cites a fear of failure as what he thinks is the reason for this decline. Amusingly, he spends some time trying to convince the audience that math isn’t that hard to learn, and he goes so far as to say that professors and academics should focus less on mathematics, and more on imagination. He suggests that if you make a brilliant discovery, or have a brilliant idea, you can always hire a mathematician to join the research team.

Shakespeare Where art Thou?

As a writer, I have a great respect for the English language. Don’t worry, this blog post is not going to be an introductory course into grammar and the proper usage of pronouns. But, I do want to look at one word that has become popular in news outlets and social media sites. That word is hate.

Regardless of all of the negative connotations, hate simply means intense dislike for someone or something.  From this very simple definition, hate has become a word that describes groups or individuals who are intolerant, prejudiced, and fundamentally single-minded.

Languages evolve naturally through the ages. Pirates would be shocked to find out what the term booty means now. Obviously, none of us walk around saying “Thou shalt not procrastinate this semester!” Shakespeare himself believed in a changing language and was known for making up words to use in his plays.

But, when looking at hate, we see a different type of evolution that may not be the best for society.

“I want to applaud the many protestors in Boston who are speaking out against bigotry and hate,” President Trump tweeted.

An opaque statement against hate does not help society mature and grow; instead, it may cause the exact opposite. Because of how general the term hate is, it makes individuals within society afraid to voice their opinions for fear that they might be labeled as a hater. When this fear infects a populace, it causes the exact thing that we are trying to prevent. It creates a nation made up of narrow–minded individuals.

By ostracizing people who do not share our viewpoints and labeling them “haters,” it allows the people with the majority opinion to rule over a minority

This brings us to the main question: who has the right to label someone a “hater?” Do we as a society have the responsibility to give out these terms? If this is true, then we are subject to groupthink and mob rule.

I am not saying that society will collapse because we use the word hate incorrectly. I just simply want to prove that even little things like words and definitions can have a larger impact than most people realize.



Okay, okay I know. How awkward is it that I am writing about nipples for class, right? Well before you get all worked up, hear me out.

Now although I love going braless as much as the next girl, I must admit this movement did take me off guard. I have a few friends who were posting photos in support of the moment and I didn’t understand the need to make all nipple showing acceptable. Well, probably just like most of you, I was just seeing the very tip of this movement. So, let’s dive in.

Free the Nipple is one of the most powerful social movements working in our generation. Their goal is not just aimed at the social acceptance of women showing their breast, it is to create social change.







Inequality is found in our work structures, government, and even in our social norms. For example, women are still earning less than men for doing the exact same jobs with the exact same qualifications. A man sleeps with multiple girls and he is a “stud” or “the man” while a woman is a “slut” or “whore”. Now I am not condoning “sleeping around” but everyone should have the right to do what they want and not be judged for it based on their gender.

That being said, it is not just the male verse female equality this movement fights for. As it is clearly stated above, they believe that all humans are created equal. To this, I say Amen!

They have a great stance but so do other groups. So, why do I say they are one of the best social movements of our time? Because, if a girl walked into a room with no shirt or bra on, not a single person could say they wouldn’t notice her. They force you to pay attention and will not be ignored. Put the getting attention together with a great cause and you have one powerful movement.

For more information or to see their documentary, click here.