BLOG #1 Economic Trends that are causing a change

Economic Trends Facing Business in 2021 and Beyond | Vistage

Fortunately our economy is recovering giving us a chance of growth by 4.2%. Interest rates are expected to remain low until 2023. Here are other items going on:

  1. Climate rates is causing more natural disasters and
  2. financial markets are the ones who are controlling the oil, gas, and food prices causing supply and demand to be deemed as less important.
  3. America is declining when it comes to global economic power, and
  4. The baby boomer generation is still active and refusing to retire.

All these are changes that are impacting our economy one way or another. Everything that happens in our economy ends up impacting the businesses and organizations as well since our economy is a big factor when it comes to these things. For companies to be successful they need advantage and leadership yet they would still decline when they are faced with difficulties such as the ones mentioned above and more. Not to forget that when the economy declines so does the unemployment. That also impacts our society. What both of these articles portray is the economic changes that have impacted us either that is economically or socially. Everything is related and one thing could impact many other things. It is Covid-19 that caused most of the changes that occurred during 2020.

 US Economic Trends: The Top Six with the Biggest Impacts (,more%20gradual%20than%20previously%20forecast.

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