Enough Already; NOW is THE Time

Once again.

Sadly, once again, the hearts of the nation and many around the world are broken for loss of life and injury and fear wrought upon everyday citizens of the United States like you and I. 

I’m speaking, of course, of the senseless acts of violence committed against folks just out to have a good time in Orlando early this past Sunday morning.   I know of no other legitimate way to describe this act.  I know many are saying “Hate Crime,” and yes it certainly appears that the individual responsible was filled with that.  Many are saying “home grown terrorist” and blaming a faith for the acts of one of their members.  Many are crying foul as the shooter apparently was in the throes of a mental crisis, and I’m sure we’ll hear more on that as well as all the other possible reasons he did what he did.  I frankly don’t care.  I don’t care what label we put on this, or what name or association the press shares with us.  I simply call him what he is: a murderer.  He will go down in the current history books as the perpetrator of the largest act of gun violence in U.S. history for his actions. 

Here’s my question, so for how long? 

Yep that’s right, how long do you think this hate monger will be at the top of that heap?  Yes, you did hear me correctly, seriously how long?  I’m asking in all seriousness, as these mass shooting are far too often now.  I remember living in Colorado during Columbine.  I have people I work with who lost family at Fort Hood.  I watched in horror as babies were taken at Sandy Hook.  I cried at church over Charleston.  And yet, “We The People” do nothing.  Sure, we get upset for a moment, maybe even several days, but then we return to our normal lives and routines and tend to forget until another mass shooting comes along.  I’ve heard all the political arguments as to why we can’t ban these automatic weapon,s and all the arguments as to why we should ban all guns.  Here’s the thing, if we really cared about this we’d demand that it happened, that something be changed. 

Guess what, that time is NOW; I would even argue that the time was actually some time ago but today is the best day to begin to end this issue. 

Both leading candidates for the highest office in our nation have come out saying they would entertain discussions on banning these types of military grade weaponry.  Certainly that’s not the only step; there are many other things to consider.  Battling the gun lobby, creating a better system for background checks and ensuring that “the bad guys” don’t get their hands on weapons in general, all of these are big issues for sure, but the bigger deal, the real target here, is and should be banning these weapons, if only to lower the numbers of people whose lives are stolen every time another mass shooting occurs. 

Now is the time. 

I intentionally found an article on Bernie Sanders’ comments to share with you to on this subject, as he will not get the Democratic nod to run for the Oval and, was the last of the potentials to walk away from the run.  In so doing, I hope you’ll get that this is not a Democratic or Republican issue.  The truth is, I could have easily found and used an article on either The Donald or Madame Secretary Hillary, as both Trump and Clinton are now publically acknowledging this must stop and it’s now time for “We the People” to demand a ban on assault weapons. 

I lost a friend on Sunday morning and, even as a member of the NRA since I was old enough to take gun safety, I cannot sit idly by any longer.  I implore you, demand action or this will just become one more incident in a long sad line of mass shootings.  Australia did it all the way, no guns allowed at all.  Now I’m not suggesting that here, but I am saying there is no reason to allow anyone outside of the military to have these assault military weapons.  Please, please demand better for ALL who have lost their lives so senselessly.   Please the time is now to be the “We The People” who help.  As Mister Rogers once put it so simply, and paraphrasing here, let’s be  the people who help.  Help by making the loss of these lives count for something that helps all.

Please join me in demanding an end to this kind of mass shooting.


And, by the way, if you don’t want to join this fight that’s fine, but understand I’m no longer listening to the arguments of why it can’t or shouldn’t be done.  So don’t waste your breath on me.  I won’t be moved by your argument.  I’m going to see it done if it takes my lifetime.



2 thoughts on “Enough Already; NOW is THE Time

    1. Yeah I don’t get why people insist that this type of weapon is necessary. It’s sooo not what the founding fathers envisioned when the wrote about the right to bear arms….Have you seen the Seth Myers response?

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