This three-part blog series is directed to social media users, students, and every individual that has access to the media. Part 2 of our blog series will be discussing how to utilize social media. It will be addressing students, parents, and everyone else who needs to put their networking skills to use.

There is no doubt social media has many benefits, but there is more to connecting with individuals besides browsing, liking, and clicking on their profile pics. We need to able to get out of our comfort zones and connect with like-minded individuals to network and look for support. In this tech-driven society we have so much access to valuable information at our fingertips. Why not use it to our advantage? social media connects the entire world, and it makes it easy to spread information if you are utilizing it correctly.  Social media gives you a platform in which you will be able to share messages and information you are passionate about with a large audience in a matter of seconds. It gives you a voice and can trigger change, just by  reaching out to connections in your social media platforms like; FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. In our text Castells states,

“Humans create meaning by interacting with their natural and social environment, by networking with their neural networks with the networks of nature and with social networks.” Communicating effectively and exchanging information is the way to transfer messages to your network.”

The ability to understand the variety of social platforms will help you understand how to reach your audience. The language and audience is different across the social media platforms. If you want to reach a more professional audience you probably wouldn’t use Snapchat, each social media channel has different ways to communicate with the audience and a different voice. Effectively timing and crafting your messages in such a way to reach your audience can help you better network.

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