First Blog :D/ We First

In my COMM: Working in Groups class, in the textbook, In Mixed Company by J. Dan Rothwell, he featured a figure that revealed individualistic versus collectivistic cultures. In the figure (p. 21), you can see that the United States is the epitome of individualistic culture. One factor as to why that is, is probably because of the whole concept of “the American Dream” and striving to get to the stop. Where as, countries such as Ecuador and Guatemala are more of a collectivist type of culture; relating more to the whole relation of “we first” as the article mentioned.

Because the U.S maintains such a individualistic culture, the article of “We First” definitely has more of a correlation to audiences living within the U.S. versus those from Ecuador and Guatemala, who are already in the “we first” mindset. Where their culture is more collectivist, where it is more of a team work type of environment.

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