Plant-based Diets and Health. Part – 1 Mental Health


Hello there, the topic of veganism and mental health is a topic that hits very close to home.  I chose to begin my transition to full veganism about six years ago, after going through a long cycle of deep depression, waking up-and realizing what I was actually doing when I consumed animal products, and simply losing interest in the taste of meat.


With that said, I want to emphasize that leaving my carnivorous eating habits behind was NOT the sole factor that contributed to my mental and emotional health recovery. I do, however; believe that from the point that I decided to leave meat behind, I was forced to deep-dive into research, buy my own groceries, THINK about what I was doing to myself, the environment and the animals involved in the meat consumption process, and most importantly, I found myself forced to cook meals at home-which ultimately decreased my fast-food and nutrient deficient-food consumption.

Fast-Food Addiction.

I remember that not consuming meat eliminated A LOT of fast-food options, very quickly. I recall eating McDonald’s for breakfast, Cane’s or KFC for lunch and Domino’s or Chinese Take-out for dinner…for literally three months or longer. It wasn’t always in that order, or those exact fast-food chains, but still, I ate fast-food for all of my meals for over three months. No, I’m not saying all fast-food is bad, and I’m also not trying to shame you, convert you, or guilt trip you in any way, BUT for me, personally,fast-food was what I would resort to in search of emotional comfort during a difficult in my life, which ultimately, further affected my overall mental health and kept me addicted, and unable be a functional member of society.

Facts Vs. Myths.

I found this blog really helpful and informative. It addresses many peoples preconceive assumptions and judgments about this lifestyle, and questions like “aren’t you tired? Do you only eat salads? Are you really full after eating that salad? Do you get enough protein? ” among others. People that have never attempted to live a plant-based lifestyle tend to be uninformed, and a prone to believing the common myths about being plant-based.


Six years later, I still choose to eat a plant-based diet. Although the diet piece certainly hasn’t been the only factor that has improved my mental health. I can say that continuing to choose a plant-based diet, continues to support my mental and emotional stability in ways that I never thought it would. It has made me a lot more aware of the things that I consume, the ways in which our planet is affected by overconsumption overall, AND I am fully committed to continue to inform people of the benefits that switching to a plant-based diet has had on my mental health.

2 thoughts on “Plant-based Diets and Health. Part – 1 Mental Health

  1. Six years?! What commitment- that’s awesome! I love that you were able to see such a difference within yourself, and that it made you aware of many other connected aspects. Great post!

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