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Design Meets Healthy Living: Three Personal Favorites


I am hooked on my devices: the iPhone, the iPad, and even the Sync system in my car. I also love great design. I think that great design paired with desirable technology can inspire healthy lifestyle choices. Bottom line, if it looks cool, or makes you look cool, you are more likely to do it.

Here are three of my favorites.

 TERA Fitness Mat

Where do put home exercise equipment? While I prefer to go to yoga class and practice with a group, a trip to the gym is not always possible. However, it can be difficult to feel the same motivation when you are alone. I was excited then, to learn about  TERA, an interactive fitness mat that actually senses your movement and responds by training you. BONUS: It is also a beautiful wool area rug.  

 Fitbit Bracelet

Do you have any idea how far you walk in a single day? The fitbit bracelet tracks your activity level and even how well you are sleeping.

Lifefactory Water Bottle

Do you drink enough water? I drink about 12 glasses a day, and as silly as it sounds, it is because I love my water bottle. I love how it looks, how it feels in my hand. Another plus, this bottle is non-toxic glass protected by a stylish silicone sleeve—basically, the bottle is unbreakable.




“Weird” New Trick Really Works!

When is the last time you were minding your own business, surfing the web and chatting up your posse on FB when – POW! – you were assaulted with breaking news about a “WEIRD” new diet secret that will allow you to lose inches, neigh yards, of disgusting fat – overnight! Without exercise! While you sleep!

Well our good friends at US Diet Guide would have you believe there has been yet another “miracle” drug that when “Taken reguarly (sic) for at least 1 week, this weird fruit-based ingredient has been clinically proven to not just rapidly erase fat but produce a host of other benefits.” Finally! I’m SO tired of exercise and eating right, I’d much rather just go ahead and “erase” my fat to achieve the body of my dreams. What took them so long to discover this “weird, cool secret?” Any why is it always a secret? And what makes it so weird?

The site also claims, “…the Garcinia Cambogia Formula encourages weight loss and increases energy whilst the Miracle Coffee Bean helps rid your body of toxins and allows your body to work and burn calories more efficiently.” So, basically, it makes you poop. Great, that is just how I want to lose weight, through my butt. That is so much easier than going for a walk and winning the stare-down with that last cupcake. (And really, whilst? Is Princess Kate using it or what?)

I have read enough scientific studies (those would be studies based in science, not studies touted by Dr. Oz, TV doctor to the rich and hefty (sorry, Oprah, I love you, but Dr. Oz is a joke)) to know that our bodies are complex organisms for which there is no “miracle” weight-loss “cure.” And the scientific studies don’t all agree with one another either, in fact most of them disagree with one another which makes for a lot of reading for me, but they do all agree that there ain’t no “miracle” weight-loss cures that come in a convenient 30-day supply. Managing our weight is more complex than taking a pill or drinking a shake or, sadly, even just pooping a lot. What works for some may not work for others, but taking a pill that jacks up your metabolism or suppresses your appetite for a few hours doesn’t work for anybody. It just makes you a hyper-crabby-pants-a-hole by the end of the day. The saddest part of this whole thing is the weight-loss industry is bilking the public out of millions of dollars every year by preying on people in their quest for unattainable bodies. (Money they could be spending on buying my next book.) So, next time you’re tempted to try some “weird” new weight-loss trick, try taking a walk instead. Weird, I know.