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The Damages of wearing False Eyelashes!

In the cosmetic industry false eyelashes are extremely popular in the fashion world. Everyone from the celebrities, models, drag queens, and everyday people have been seen wearing false eyelashes, including myself have worn them in the past. Some may agree that its a great alternative to mascara when you don’t have to worry about the product causing you sensitive eyes or smearing! There are many reasons to wear false eyelashes, one reason would be to make your eyelashes looks more long and full, another reason would be to feel more confident about your look because some people aren’t confident with the size of their natural eyelashes. Although I believe in natural beauty, longer eyelashes tends to enhance the beauty. Some also wear false eyelashes for medical issues including diseases such as alopecia.

Although eyelashes may be a fashion trend in the cosmetic world stemming from decades ago, there are some damages that can result from wearing false eyelashes. One of the main reasons I stopped wearing false eyelashes was because they did some damage to my natural eyelashes. In fact, it made my natural eyelashes look less full after having them removed. Another issue I had was I experienced eye infections while wearing false eyelashes, although I think it had much to do with me receiving PRK eye surgery, and having dry eyes. It is very important to have a certified eyelash technician who specializes in adding eyelash extensions, using the proper glue, and product to remove the eyelashes that will keep the natural eyelashes healthy. Some people make the mistake of removing false eyelashes on their own, and using the wrong glue to apply certain eyelashes, which can cause temporary or even permanent loss of natural eyelashes.

The Risks of Wearing False Eyelashes

Some of the risks of wearing false eyelashes:

  • Eye Infections
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Damage to Your Natural Lashes
  • Eye Injuries

Normally eye infections occur when false eyelashes come in contact with the glue that is cross contaminated causing its bacteria to go near the eye resulting to conjunctivitis. The glue product or even the fake eyelashes can cause someone an allergic reaction, which can result in stinging, burning, swelling, or a rash. As mentioned before damage to natural eyelashes can cause temporary or even permanent loss to natural eyelashes depending on the care. An eye injury can occur when the glue goes into cornea, which can result to scratching the glue on the cornea causing serious damage to the eye.

Cleansing Our Digestive System With Detox Drinks!!!!

Sometimes we don’t realize the amount of harm being done to our bodies with the foods we ingest, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. If we continue to intake these toxic substances without detoxing them from our bodies, it will continue to build up in our systems overtime, which can result to serious health issues such as cancer, metabolic, reproductive, and mental health effects. According to my research many doctors and nutritionists have stated that detox drinks are one of the best and easiest ways to flush out the toxins to improve your health. This could mean flushing toxins from your liver, boosting your energy, helping with weight loss, and improving your skin health.

Detox drinks (also known as cleansing drinks) are usually a drink recipe made up of water, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and many natural ingredients that are made to rejuvenate the body. There are different kinds of detox drinks including detox water, detox juice, detox smoothie, and detox tea, which are all beneficial to remove the toxins from the digestive system in their own ways.

The most popular ingredients for detox water would be lemons, cucumbers, strawberries, lime, and mint to name a few, and drinking water alone is one of the best ways to improve your health being that it raises your metabolism. The most popular detox teas would be green tea, dandelion tea, and ginger tea made up of herbs and natural ingredients that help with weight loss, nausea, liver cleanse etc. Detox smoothies are perfect for the hot weather, and they’re really going to keep the body hydrated filled with a blending of fruits and vegetables that’ll help boost the metabolism. All of these drinks can be made at the comfort of your own home, and some people like to drink them, not only for health benefits, but also for the refreshing taste!

Human Trafficking needs MASSIVE ATTENTION!

Human Trafficking is a modern form of slavery and a serious matter that we should not treat lightly. So many people are coming up missing everyday, and sometimes even the law enforcement are unable to find the missing. Everyday millions of women, men, and children are trafficked worldwide, including in the United States being forced to do labor or sexual exploitation. Traffickers have used manipulation, tricks, false promises, violence, and even romantic relationships to trap people into trafficking situations. Unfortunately we live in a world with disgusting human beings where we do not always feel safe. So how do we stop human trafficking? It is extremely important that we become aware of our surroundings by noticing the signs, and use our best judgement when it comes to everyday situations. We educate all of our people on the signs of human trafficking, and inform different ways that we can prevent it from happening even if it means carrying a weapon for self defense.

Almost everyday I come across articles about the signs for human trafficking, including white vans that may look suspicious with locks on the outside, an unexplained object on your vehicle being used as a trap, or even text messages that traffickers may use to find your location. Sadly, we have to be careful when it comes to forms of transportation like Cabs, Uber, & Lyft. This is a heavy issue we should all be concerned about today in society, because the numbers continue to increase. Women are the biggest target when it comes to human trafficking, according to my research 71% of human trafficking victims are women and girls, and one-third are children.

Below is an important video of a cop warning people about Human Traffickers!

Here are list of some things we can do to fight human trafficking whether it’s saving a victim of human trafficking or for your own safety:

  • Recognize the signs of any suspicions, and observe your surroundings.
  • Report any suspicions, if you see something or someone who looks as though they’re in danger, call 911 immediately.
  • When you’re alone be prepared at all times! If you carry a weapon for self defense like a taser or pepper spray, have it ready for your own safety.
  • Make sure to leave your children with close ones who you can trust, and keep them close to you at all times!
  • Take action and spread the message to close family members and friends about human trafficking


Winter has arrived & flu season is here! Have you ever wondered why the CDC recommends us all to get a flu shot every year? Have you ever paid a visit to the doctor for a simple check up, & noticed how doctors try to pressure the flu shot on us patients? To be quite honest, the last time I had a flu shot was nearly a decade ago, and I remember still getting sick. Many people I know who have gotten the flu shot have said that it made them sick as well. Well its obvious that the flu shot has a list of side effects, but isn’t it supposed to prevent us from catching influenza? Headaches, fatigue, nausea, muscle aches, low grade fever,pain, and swelling are all side effects of the flu vaccine. From my understanding the side effects seem as though they’re just as bad as influenza.

5 Research Based Reasons To Avoid The Flu Shot!

Big pharmacy stores like Walgreens & CVS are advertising free flu shots with certain insurances, but I noticed how they don’t address much about the ingredients included in the flu shot! According to my research the flu vaccine includes aluminum and many other toxins that can be harmful to our bodies. When it comes to vaccinations I believe its very important to inform the patients of exactly what the vaccines are made of especially if they’re advertising it in the health industry. If the CDC recommends that we are vaccinated every year, is it really worth getting if there’s a chance that we’ll get sick shortly after? I have trust issues when it comes to certain vaccines, I remember even hearing about a young woman who was vaccinated with a flu shot that caused her to loss her vision, and she also became paralyzed. So exactly how effective is the flu shot if it can result to someone becoming paralyzed with the loss of vision?

Family says girl became paralyzed, lost vision after receiving flu vaccine

Struggling to Save Money? These money saving tricks may help you for the new year!!!!

What’s your New Years resolution? 2020 is almost here, and one of the things I desire to do is save money. Something that has been a challenge for me in the past is consistently transferring money to my savings account after payday. Eventually I would find myself spending most of my paycheck on needs and wants, but I was always told to put some money away for a rainy day!!! Let’s be real! I’m a young adult who has living expenses, and sometimes it can be very hard to budget my finances, which gives me no motivation to save money. I came across these money challenges on the web one day, and I thought to myself that this could be a great way to consistently save money. Putting just a little money away every week could help me improve my savings!

Save Money Easily with the $5 Savings Challenge

The 52-week challenge is set up where you could have $1,378 by the end of the year, and all you have to do is deposit the dollar amount equivalent to the week! The $5 dollar challenge is also interesting, and I think it would work well for people who prefer using cash instead of credit card! For every $5 that comes into your possession, you add it to your savings!

Many people have stated that these money challenges have improved their saving habits, and that it can also be a fun way to stash away money for the future. Although there are many savings challenges out there, this one may be a good start for young adults who want to develop their saving habits! According to a study it takes 30 days to form a habit, and by that time we’ll have $10-$15 saved up for the year!

The Benefits Of My Good Friend “Viparita Karani!”

Now before I get into why you should be intrigued in my good friend “Viparita Karani” let me start off by explaining who she is. First off “Viparita Karani” is not a person, but of course the first time I heard of “Viparita Karani” my response was “Who is that? Is she a famous designer?” (LOL) Well she’s not a designer either!!! From there I did my research and learned that Viparita Karani is a restorative yoga pose meant to calm your body and restore your mind.

Pronunciation (vip-par-ee-tah car-AHN-ee)

viparita – turned around, reversed, inverted

karani -doing, making, action

Did you know you’ll start to feel a difference just after 5 minutes of performing Viparita Karani? I find it to be very true. Before being introduced to Viparita Karani, I’ve never taken yoga classes in my life. But the moment I seen an example from photos on how to perform this pose, I decided to give it a try! Why? Because this pose looks very easy and it just involves breathing while balancing your legs up the wall and back flat on the floor with flexed feet! Why? Because I was stressed out to the maximum, I had anxiety most likely from balancing work and school, and for my constant lack of sleep. Why? Because I was curious to see if it actually works!! And just five minutes into the pose I already felt more relaxed and relieved from stress. It helped me concentrate on my homework a lot better, and if you have a hard time concentrating like I do, Viparita Karani just might be what you need. Anyways, I started to consistently perform this pose whenever I felt anxiety sneaking up on me, and just like that Viparita Karani became my best friend! No wonder this is known to be a favorite pose by many yoga students according to


Now enough about my experience with Viparita Karani, now it’s time for me to help you release some of your tension and stress. Here are the steps on how you perform Viparita Karani:

  1. First, you’ll begin by sitting on the floor while being close enough to the wall (make sure you have enough space on the wall and between the ceiling and the floor).
  2. Then, you are going to bend your knees while laying your back down on the floor with your legs up. (Feel free to place a pillow or cushiony object under your head or lower back for more comfort).
  3. Next, you are going to push yourself towards the wall, make sure your legs are firm and straight until they touch the wall.
  4. Now that your legs are touching the wall, make sure your legs are perpendicular to the upper body and toes are pointing downward (you must try to keep your balance).
  5. Make sure to flex your feet. Your neck, shoulders, and chest should be relaxed. Your arms should be relaxed on the side of you. 
  6. Finally, close your eyes and stay in that position anywhere from 5-20 minutes. Don’t forget to take deep breaths while performing this act!


Now here are a list of things Viparita Karani are good for:


-Mild Depression

-Mild Backache

-High Blood Pressure

-Stretches Hamstring and Lower Back

-Swollen ankles


-Menstrual Cramps

-Varicose Veins

-Blood Flow To Your Core

-Calms your nerves

-Improves Digestion



There we have it! Now that you all know how to perform Viparita Karani, and are aware of the great benefits we receive from this self healing process, I highly recommend that you take some time out of your stressful day from school and work to perform Viparita Karani. Give it a chance, and I promise you will feel a difference within the first few minutes. The main root of this message is that Viparita Karani is absolutely free! You don’t have to pay money to release stress, anxiety, and mild back pain. (Although massages are nice LOL) All you need is yourself and a wall!! It worked for me!! Now is your chance to see if it works for you!!