Fighter of the Decade is NOT Floyd Mayweather.

According to the BWAA, Floyd Mayweather was declared the fighter of the decade. But not in my vote. I think Manny Pacquiao should’ve been the fighter of the decade, hands down. According to RingTv, Floyd Mayweather was more dominant? Beat Manny Pacquiao? and 50-0? I honestly do not agree.

Floyd Mayweather was certainly a great fighter. But, he does not deserve the title of (Fighter of the Decade). Floyd Mayweather’s last two fight consisted of Conor Mcgregor and Tenshin Nasukawa. Both of which are warriors of different fighting style and techniques. Floyd only claimed his “50-0” with these two victories, which was not an official boxing match. Floyd refused to fight with their standard and wanted only boxing. This is not a consistent victory in the world of boxing, if you ask me.

Fighting Manny Pacquiao and winning by decision was a bias vote. Because Floyd was running around the whole time and aside from Manny’s excuse, he clearly won in viewers eyes. Manny was rob of the winning decision. Floyd did not take the win honestly, he won because they were in Vegas and yes, location matters when it comes down to guest fighters.

Manny Pacquiao fought in eight division weight class, all of which he won the title. Manny Pacquiao also defeated some of the most notorious boxers of all time like Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, and Juan Manuel Marquez. Not only did Manny defeat these opponents, but he’s still fighting until today and defeating some younger champions. Manny Pacquiao truly deserve the title of (Fighter of the decade).

If you compare the two weight of a 50-0 towards a eight division champion, obviously one weighs more than the other. Climbing to the top of a eight division is a lot tougher and more worthy than a mere 50-0, which people can achieve more easily. RingTV is wrong for approving that Floyd Mayweather is deserving of the title. Because although, Floyd is a 50-0, he did not carry as much weight as Manny and that is upsetting. Promoting Floyd as the top fighter is a delusion for boxers and promotes boxers to fight with running.

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