Easy Pickings: A Criticism of InfoWars

In the age of rapid information output, it is understandable that mistakes are made, and it is relatively easy to forgive them. However, throughout the world or internet-based information, there are content creators who seem to thrive on just being outlandish.

There may not ever be someone more fit as a poster child for fake news than the founder of InfoWars, Alex Jones. While most of the population is in agreement that Jones is entirely loony, he has amassed a following in his years promoting conspiracies and all around fake news. Now, it would be tiring to write about Jones as a person, so an article has been chosen to analyze.

InfoWars article on the release of a supposed coronavirus dossier

If you were to still form some trust in the site after navigating past the sea of iodine supplement ads and hoax polls, you may need to read up on whether the site is promoting news or is just trying to profit. Either way, the story features headlines that seem to be incredibly biased. I am not entirely discounting the story, as there is a possibility that through the fake there is some real and true content. The site aligns itself with its views entirely, and there is no getting around that.

It is incredibly hard, or near impossible to locate unbiased information on the internet so the best course of action is to take it all with a grain of salt. The media is everywhere, and this sometimes is for the better and is sometimes for the worst. If one can critically think through the news that they read, it will at the least provide a sense of duty within their mind.

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